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Greetings from Norway

Hi there.
The norwegian Twizy community is not that big yet, so I’ll give this a go.
My name is Marius, I have a week old twizy with ALL accessories avaliable in Norway.

So far, loving it! (despite the fact that it’s been raining constantly since i got it)

Welcome Marius!

You’re very brave buying a Twizy in Norway. I can imagine you’re only going to use it in the summer?

No, I actually though I’d use it in the winter. :slight_smile:
I have bought a spare set of wheels (with aluminium rims, of course) with continental wintertyres (m+s approved).

My thoughts regarding heat is no problem, people survived in the 50s with VW bugs without heating ( and worse roads)
I have also been thinking of making a fuelheated version. The Eberspächer Airtronic D2 uses 7w of 12v power to produce 900w of heating, with only 0,1l pr. Hour of fuel (lamp oil/diesel).

I live on the south coast, so the temperature here last winter were only -28C :slight_smile: