Greetings from SW France

Hi Guys, 46 based in SW France, (run a golf course) took delivery a couple of months ago and not really had time to use the little electric beasty. Plan to use most days throughout the Summer here… Looking for info on mods especially upping max speed. Lots of really cool info on this site and very very informative. I didn’t realise how popular the Twizy was!

I am a Twizy owner and a golfer and I keep trying to think of ways to carry my clubs on a tray at the back like in a buggy. We have on the forum a fellow Frenchmen by the name of Christian. He comes up with all sorts of brilliant ideas.
If I can carry my clubs with the Twizy I will ask the golf club owner if I can use my Twizy as a buggy on the golf course!! :smile: Only joking.
Since you run a golf course, can you let your marshall or yourself go round the golf course in the Twizy. Can you imagine the reaction from the players? :smile:

Hi, well I had the 45 version last year and then traded in for new Ltd ed. We did use it on the course during hot summer days, it certainly was a good laugh…

I am also a Frog Twizy owner but living in London… Bonjour et bienvenue.

Can you confirm the photo on your profile is your Twizy. I cannot see a number plate in the front, is this correct as I have no front number plate on my Twizy either and it is probably illegal in the UK but that’s the way it was delivered to me by Renault.


Nope Eric, no plate on the front! ALL Quadrocycles do not have front plates.


That’s very interesting. I like the Twizy without a front number plate and would prefer to keep it that way but the law is the law so I will get in touch with the DVLA to found out.

Check on Google, I just did. It’s law that you MUST have a front number plate on a Quadricycle in the UK to pass an MOT. Pity…