Greetings from the Deep South

Hello One and All from a new Twizy owner here in Cornwall :smile:

I’ve had my Twizy now for just under a week now and loving the drive to work everyday. Probably rather crazy with the weather the way it is at the moment. I’ve got doors, windows, parrot sound system, mud flaps, all in black an looks mean but cute!

So far I have ordered Twy-Rain windows (the Renault ones are terrible and have scratched/damaged the paintwork) and have installed a battery operated LED interior light.

I am thinking of getting the OVMS unit at the moment, however are there any other suggestions of things I can add/change?



Welcome to the group. I’m pleased you are using at in all weathers.

Ideas of things you may want to get:-
Rid of the windows - save weight and enjoy the Twizy as designed.
A Halfords 5 cycle cover to use when out and about
A Type 2 to 3 Pin adapter cable so you can charge at more places.
Spare hat and gloves for any passengers to borrow.
Some warm weather :slight_smile:

Just enjoy the car.

Welcome. Agree with Osbrook. Get rid of the Renault windows. I had them on last winter and on some forum members’ recommendations I have left them off this winter. It is far far nicer without the windows. And if you get nicely wrapped up it is not bad at all. Try it. You will be surprised.
Can you show us a picture of your LED interior light. I keep meaning to install an interior light but have so far not found one that I like. I want the light to particularly shine on the ignition key hole.

Thanks for the advice, the trouble with Cornwall is we have a lot of wind that generates horizontal rain and in the case of this morning hale. I am hoping the Twyrain windows from Italy will be soo much better than the Renault things!

Was looking into covers, will go have a look at the Halfords one, my other cars have covers, but they are way too big for Twizy!

I’ve got a hat and gloves that sit in the glove box now (where else)

As for the Mennekes Type 2 adapter, was thinking of making one, it seems some outlets have a cable attached with a male connector, others are just a female socket, so not sure what route to take. Any advice, or ready made ones that you can purchase?

The interior light was one I had lying around from Lidl’s many moons ago that I never used. I’ll take a picture later, but was thinking of doing something better with a LED warm white strip that turns on with the doors being opened etc.



I have the Twy-rain windows and I don’t agree at all that windows are no good, I also live in a windy area and with the windows it’s comfortable to drive in any weather.
You can scratch the paint with these windows as well, it’s the screw for the locking mechanism that’s the main culprit, just be aware of this and you’ll be fine.

Welcome along, as others have said , I have never had windows on my Twizy, just wouldn’t be right :smiley:



Probably a little late on replying to this post, but for lighting up my ignition, I have clipped one of these to the roof strut panels so that it shines at just the right point.

At about 30mm long, it is not too conspicuous.

I hope this helps.

Thanks Pete. Just what I wanted.

You can buy a twizy cover on eBay for around £40. I also thought that a ‘car cap’ would keep the rain out when the twizy is parked up. I’ve had mine for 10 days now. Loving every minute of driving it!!


No problem. Picture attached to show what it looks like.


Hi Fran,

Nice to hear you are looking at “tweaking the Twiz”.

I’d definitely get an OVMS. It can be a nightmare getting the right firmware, but once installed, it’s a geekfest.

Softer anti roll bar bushes from Ministromer improve the ride comfort without destroying the handling.

I’ve fitted astro turf as a carpet. This has reduced road noise and the general landroveresque rattles.

Black MOT legal vinyl wrap on the headlights remove the “surprised” look, and make the Twiz moody, mean and cute.

Also I would recommend putting the same sized tyres as the rear on the front to reduce under steer. But be aware that this may reduce range slightly.

Hope this helps.

As far OVMS - there have been reports of at least 3 Twizy batteries failing after the regen was upped along with some speed increases. Just be aware, that’s all.


Wholly agree with you. In moderation and with genuine respect.

Hi there

Maybe moving back home to Cornwall and might buy a Twizy as a first car. How are the electricity points and maintenance across the Tamar?

PS Our new rescue cat came named as Twizzle - surely an omen.

I am interested in anything that makes the ride better although I would have thought that softer springs would have been a better start. I have a garage and my thoughts are that if suspension is to hard the tyres can lose contact over bumps which they would follow if it was more compliant. The twizy is very light and has all the comfort of a brick or so say my other half :anguished:



The ride in the back is worse. first thing to check are the tyre pressures. Make sure they are not too hard as it effects the ride.

Hi Chris,
I set them as per the manual which to be honest was a lot harder than when I collected it. still thinking of new springs to make it more compliant


Or a cushion in the back seat and save the money for the new Inverter. Just remember to go slower over speed bumps when you have a passenger and avoid pot holes!

Either if softens up or I have got used to it.

At the moment I find for the most I can drive through the gaps in speed bumps :smiley:


A couple of thoughts here for you.

Softer springs will lower ground clearance. Especially with SWMBO in the back.

Have you discovered the spring rating of the original shocks? If not, how will you obtain this? Thereafter do you know which marque and model will fit the Twiz and whether a softer spring is available.

Fitting shock springs can be a challenge.

What will be the effect on the existing damping if you soften the springs? You may cause a wallowing issue which may be worse. Plus weight transfer (nose dive) may create uneven braking.

A small, light car can be very sensitive to alteration.

In my previous comment I said I have replaced the anti roll bar bushes with a softer bush. These have certainly reduced the rigidity of the suspension. And I do recommend these as a cheap(ish) way of improving the stiffness.

The ones from Ministromer are made on a 3D printer. Shopping around garage supplies with the dimensions of the original may work out cheaper and a chance to experiment without what could be experimenting with spring ratings.

I hope these thoughts help. That said I have much respect for @osbrook and his contributions on this and other sites. I would welcome any further input on this matter he may have.