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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts



I should have my Twizy early next week, not driven one yet so looking forward to the experience!

I an interest I all vehicles and currently drive a Porsche 997 GT3 which I do not like using around town which is why I’ve bought the Twizy.

Has anybody tuned their Twizy yet? I’ve seen the thread on the Elia box but not sure if anyone has actually used this yet?

Welcome. It’s a pity that you are getting the Twizy in the winter. It is far far better in the summer. You will still enjoy it and I bet you it will bring a smile to your face. Mind you it’s a bit different from your Porsche!! As long as you don’t have too much expectation of it as a proper car, you will love it. Treat it as a “toy” to run around in town, there is nothing better. It will save your ICE cars from short journeys when they don’t even have a chance to warm up. Most damaging.
Let us know how you get on. By the way which model have you got? Any extras? New?

I’ve seen the thread on the Elia box but not sure if anyone has actually used this yet?

I know a few people that are using the elia box and they are very happy with it. I will wait until my warranty for engine and reduction gear unit has expirend until i get the box.

Thanks guys,

I have bought an urban model with doors, it was an ex-demo with 35 miles on the clock, I thought it was a good deal at £5750.

It will be delivered this week so will use for a while before I start modifying (I can’t leave anything standard).

Hi there, I’m also a newbie. Just want to say that I know some people who are into Elia box and they are fine with it. Nice to be hear guys.

i got flat roads here in the Netherlands. totally fine with the 13Kw of power.

Welcome along Flopper, I also have a 997 GT3RS, don’t use it in the winter though.