Griffith Appreciation Topic

Ha! A Griff! My favourite car of all time. I’ve owned 5 (yes 5!!) all 500’s and wish I have kept one.

It’s an early pre cat 4 litre Griffith, which means an even louder exhaust note :slight_smile::slight_smile:.It has only done 8 k miles and I have kept it in storage.
I have an interesting story about my Griffith. When it was announced, I just simply loved the shape, so I had to have one. So I ordered one from my nearest dealer which was near Northampton. There was quite a wait.
Just before I was going to the British Motor Show that year I got the bad news that my local dealer had gone out of business. I was stranded with no supplying dealer. At the BMS I went to the TVR stand and spoke to a very helpful chap. It turned out he was from the TVR dealer from Lincolnshire. I told him my predicament and he said he would be willing to help. Just off the top of my head I said he could be my supplying dealer if he could honour my deal with my Northampton dealer. He said what’s that. I said 10 o/o off list. A lie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. To my surprise he agreed. (I supposed it was an easy 7.5 o/o profit for doing nothing. In those days they used to have about 17.5 o/o profit). That was how I got 10 o/o off my Griffith which was definitely not the norm as each one was built to order with no discount.
5 Griffith!!! You must be a fan :slight_smile:

Ha!!! Didn’t know you were a TVR fan? I drove one of the first 4ltr Griffs like yours and after scaring the witts out of my Mrs I knew I had to have one. By the time I ordered one they were 5ltr and I got the one with the new gearbox and dials that went the “correct way” around. Nearly killed me on the way home from Fernhurst (in the fog!!) - the throttle jammed wide open. You’ve got to love TVR…

I’ve had 3 new and one used. Sunset yellow Pearl was my favourite and one I should have kept. The first was Mica Blue Metalic (which I can’t find an image of at the moment) and the rest are here;

My second new one and favourite in Sunset Yellow Pearl

Used one with red interior - yuk! But bought it to get in to the next one… :slight_smile:

…In Rolex Blue with cream interior.

The one above was a used one and again Sunset Yellow.

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Mine is Mica Blue Metallic with grey leather. Got the early BBS wheels

mine is 500 se number 17/100.
brought to france 2 years ago, i bought it last summer.
this car is just awesome i love it…

It’s the one car type I wish I had kept out of over 100 cars I’ve owned. I could have got myself back in to one before I bought my latest toy, the new MX-5 ND but thought maybe I shoudl leave the Griffith’s as a very fond memory.