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Grocery shopping and storage space in the rear seat area of the Twizy

Ok how many use your twizy for there socalled weekly grocery shopping runs to the store.Because i used to live in the NYC for my line of work i got use to shopping using a daypack and a cold food storage bag to carry the items home from the store .

Out here where i live the big box store is walmart or some other grocery store for the one stop type of shopping i do from household items to food and it all carryed home in the day pack and cold food storage bag .

So will a twizy hold enough food for two weeks for one person or will i need to borrow my aunit and uncle car to do my shopping in town

The Twizy will be fine. If you have a Twizy with doors you can use the space either side of the seat to store a number of bags as well as having the back seat. It shouldn’t be a problem.

If you buy the doors, the floor space either side of the driver’s seat can be used up to ledge level, as well as the back seat.
We get two people and £150/8 full bags or 15 full bags/driver only-a good big shop.

Blimey, I went last week & got £100 worth of shopping, I thought that was good, yours must be rammed with that lot in:)

Did I mention we are alcoholics? :lol:

I manage to get myself, my youngest child, a saxophone, a clarinet, an oboe, a flute, and a bunch of music – not to mention my regular bag – in a Twizy with doors quite easily!

Topher the Twizy was even used as the car for the recycling run. As it’s smaller than our Nissan Leaf, it was more easy to get to and from the recycling centre than it is in the Leaf. Sadly, it’s also where Topher met his demise. Let’s hope his replacement (Echo) isn’t so unfortunate…

Hope its not much longer coming now Nikki :wink:

Thanks for the info on the rear set up .I went shopping this morning and came home with the backpack and bag full of the item need to survive for two weeks intill the next paycheck .