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The numerous postings by etihad.net.vn as visitors messages are getting on my nerves!! Can it be stopped?

Not sure what you mean, have I missed something?

Don’t you get dozens and dozens of postings by etihad.net.vn in a foreign language. It had happened numerous times now and no one has ever mentioned it. Can’t be just me who can see it. Can it?

Think it must be you. Never noticed anything like this. Anyone else?

That’s weird, James. So you don’t see those postings at all!! It has happened at least 4 or 5 times. Each time, dozens of postings were posted sequentially, titled as etihad.net.vn posted a visitor message on “name” profile, a different name each time, obviously computer generated. I thought people just ignored them as an inconvenience, just like I did. The contents were some gibberish which I thought was a foreign language. I have my doubts now.
Even if my computer is infested why would it manifest itself with postings on this forum. Can someone more technically minded offer me some help.

Next time you see it, take a screenshot and post it in this thread. Needs some investigating!

Ok I’ve sorted it. Turns out there’s a feature in vBulletin (the software running this forum) that lets users post ‘visitor messages’ to other users’ public profiles. An account that joined up but didn’t post in the forum was using this to spam your account. I’ve since banned them and will probably just disable this feature as I’m sure nobody actually uses it anyway.

Pardon my ignorance, how do you take a screenshot?

THANKS!! Another job well done!!

On second thoughts I won’t disable this feature as some people could be using it. If, however, you get any more annoying messages from users you don’t know, just hit the ‘Report’ link on the message and I’ll instantly get an email with a message telling me that you have flagged a visitor message. This will then notify me and I can go and ban the spammer!

I saw it the other day and thought it was something everyone saw. Did not say anything as it was my first visit in about 2-3 months and I thought it may have been “in hand.” Apologies.