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Had my first service

Got my Twizy back from its first service on Tuesday and I have to say, whatever they’ve done, it feels smoother and nippier. Unfortunately they didn’t give it a clean or anything so the lady at Renault says when I next go in let them know and they’ll give it a nice clean for me. I know that makes me sound really lazy, but I would just like them to clean the inside for me and get it back to ‘brand new’ cleanliness!

I also have an air bubble under the Technic vinyl on the roof. They were going to order me a replacement vinyl and get this done but I’ll have to get this sorted once I’m back in September now (I’m off to Canada for 3 months on Monday :slight_smile: )

This got me thinking though whether they’d need to replace the roof to do this, and if they did, whether I could just buy a glass roof from their body shop parts people and get them to fit a glass roof instead of putting the plastic one back. I could try and be cheeky and get them to cover the labour under warranty then :wink:

Hi, James. What are you going to do with the Twizy when you are away? Best of luck in Canada.

How long and how much was the Service?
What are the service intervals, is it every year?


I got mine from new and comes with 4 years of services included.

All Twizys come with the 4+ Renault package meaning you get free servicing for four years. I just left my Twizy at the dealers and they called me the next day to say it was ready.

You can have it done within two hours though if you fancy waiting.

From memory its every 10k miles or 12 mounths had mine done last week took them a AM but they did charge it 4 me