Handbrake Cable Adjustment?

My Twizy has almost done 14,000 miles :grinning:
The Handbrake cable has stretched a little and now the red light keeps coming in when going over bumps.
There is a little free play in the cable that allows the handle to move slightly putting the red light on.
So, has anyone adjusted the Handbrake cable?


The hand brake is adjusted by lifting the floor panel and the adjuster is there.
Keep your eye on the rear caliper when adjusting so as not to over do it.

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Thanks, I will have a look at the Weekend :smiley:


I have the same problem except my red light doesn’t come on. My Twizy is going in for a service soon so I will get them to adjust it
@Normsthename Please let us know how you get on with adjusting the cable yourself, Thanks

I finally got around to adjusting the handbrake cable.
One problem I have is the left hand side does not seem to be returning as far as the right hand side.
I have checked and there is zero drag when the handbrake is off and the Twizy pushes very easy.
I took some of the slack out of the cable and its cured the red light flickering on while driving.
Any ideas about the difference in the cables left to right?


Mine was doing this for a bit! One day I noticed the car felt sluggish so I checked the wheels and found the left rear was a bit warm. It was clearly the handbrake mechanism causing it, but I didn’t have time to do anything about it so I started pushing the lever on the calliper back to the end stop by hand when releasing the handbrake. After a week or so of doing that it freed up and now fully releases by itself, and the bias seems fairly even between the left and right.

It felt like the cable sticking, but I could be wrong… I guess there could be a yolk which divides the pull of the handbrake between the two wheels? Or maybe it’s just a weak return spring.

Let me know if you figure yours out; I’m sure mine will act up again soon…

I have the same problem with the red light not comming on when the hand brake is on. I suspect a faulty switch. I still have warrenty on my Twizy, so Renault will have to deal with it. My switch for the windshield heating is also not the responding as it should.

My red light was coming on as I was driving along due to too much slack in the cable.
Regarding the heated screen switch, mine started to stick and was difficult to turn off.
I got a cloth and wrapped it around the stalk, then drowned it in WD40.
It seems to have fixed it :smiley:


The handbrake light should only come on when the handbrake is applied, as the switch is pressed in to signal the handbrake is on. My Twizy reduces or cuts the power if I drive with the handbrake light on.

To make the handbrake operate the switch it needs to be correctly positioned over the lever under the dash. All that they do to fix it is reach up under the dash and bend the flimsy bracket into place. Then when the handle is lifted it presses the switch in.

My Twizy does not do that, it just beeps annoyingly!
No reduction in power


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Hi, osbrook. Which part of the floor panel do you mean? Thanks.

I have figured it out, the floor panel where one’s feet usually rest. :relaxed:

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sorry i was away and could reply.

however it would be better to adjust the rear brakes first. not that simple to explain but easier to do. there is a slot in the rear caliper and you insert a screw driver to rotate and unscrew the cylinder out.

After giving my brakes a once over and changing the brake fluid I adjusted the handbrake today.

The manual suggests the hubs should not be turnable by hand with the handbrake on the second click but completely free when released.

I ended up with this effect on the third click.

For reference I’ve attached a photo of the adjustment mechanism.


Have to adjust handbrake this weekend, before MOT on Tuesday. Sorry to sound dim but how do you lift the floor panel please? Reluctant just to lever it up in case I damage something.

Once you’ve removed the round clips the floor plate just unclips.

If I remember correctly it’s best to start from the front edge.

It’s not a nice experience but nothing broke on mine.


Thank you, Peter.

All done! Thanks for tip Peter, about lifting the front of the floor section first. Everything went back easily too, without any broken fastenings. Handbrake adjusted and working well. Fingers crossed for MOT Tuesday morning!

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Passed MOT today no advisories. Thanks for your assistance.