Handbrake & Hill Starts

Went to my brothers house tonight and parked the Twizy on his drive which has quite a steep slope.
When I came to leave I had a problem with the Handbrake locking on.
I kept getting further down his slope and nearly ended up in his Locked garage!
Eventually managed to get back up the slope but was a bit puzzled.
Read in the manual that to do a Hill start you have to apply the brake, release the handbrake before pressing the accelerator.
What went wrong and what is the correct procedure?


Use your left foot hard on the brake when doing hill starts, it is the only way to do it in the Twizy as it lets the electrics know to release the handbrake :wink:

On our drive, I find that if you click the handbrake ratchet button [which you can only do with your foot firmly on the footbrake] and pull the brake towards you with the button still pressed, you can hold the Twizy on the handbrake while you put your foot on the accelerator and move off releasing the handbrake as you go. Works for me, anyway.

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I find the irritating handbrake an annoying stretch away, so use it as little as possible-but yours is a great idea if you have no trouble using it.
I got so cross trying to do this and had too many near misses so reverted to left foot use-which is the only possible way for me-should have put that in my post!!

Ours has the annoying fault that the electronic brake pedal/handbrake release switch freezes open or closed too, so you can either not release the handbrake and cannot move, or have no handbrake light on dash and the annoying beeping when sat still-even with the handbrake on. Grrrr. Going in next week to be dealt with alongside the brake recall and accelerator pedal recall.

Yea it’s a two feet job, found it rubbish at 1st , but used to it now & don’t even think about it .

I’m on day 4 if ownership and found the same problem. steep hill reverse out of a parking space… I was about 2mm from crashing into a concrete wall! Grr… Bad design

I was about 2mm from crashing into a concrete wall! Grr… Bad design

Since I posted this message I have got used to the Twizy Handbrake ‘Quirk’
Just put your left foot on the brake and release the Handbrake :smiley:


I thought thats what we said. Mark certainly said use both feet. I found it hard to put my left foot on the brake at first. I now mix left and right foot braking!! but always use left foot for hill starts.

That’s seems to be the only good way to start uphill. Same experience here.