Handbrake Intermittent Light - Driving with One Hand

In the last two weeks my handbrake light has become problematic (along with the irritating warning noise). I release the handbrake completely, push it back as far as I can but the slightest movement of the car brings the light back on. I set off with one hand pushing the handle back hard and after a while it sometimes settles down. The proliferation of potholes are enough to bring it back to life though!! I have checked that the switch connector is definitely in place - no loose wires but there is definitely an annoying bit of play in the handbrake lever. Is there anything I can do or is it back to Renault with yet another fault? Twizy is becoming a bit expensive lately …

This used to be very common. There are two things to look at (any one can look at)

Kneel on the floor LHD side and look up the handbrake handle. There is a switch that SHOULD be pressing on the lever. As simple as that.

  1. The bolt/screw holding the switch has come loose.
  2. The bracket the switch is on has got bent so the two do not align

So tighten the bolt/screw and bend the bracket to line the switch with the arm. Really simple. :slight_smile:

Thank you Osbrook, when it stops raining I shall have a really good look!

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Even if the bracket needed adjustment, presumably the light would be lit initially together with all of the other lights when the ignition is turned on? Could somebody confirm?

Mine doesn’t, so presumably a guarantee repair to the display is required.

Sounds like a stuck switch or one I’m the wrong place. They did come unbolted.

Thanks for your reply Osbrook, but would this also prevent the brake warning light from lighting initially when the ignition is turned on?

That is true

Unbelievable… I’ve had the car for almost a year, and even when turning on the ignition, when all of the other display lamps light, the brake warning light doesn’t light. And I think I tried removing the brake fluid cap but that didn’t get it to light either. But today for the first time, the lamp actually lit! Two times, then no more.

So I’m sure you (and all of the others that have posted the same) are quite right, and the switch just needs adjusting. Really strange that it doesn’t light initially though.

Why strange?

Basically then dash light only comes on when the handbrake is engaged and presses the switch in. If the switch is not aligned with the handbrake lever and it is always extended (not pushed in) then the system will think the Handbrake is off and allow the Twizy to be driven.

The switch is NOT the button on the end of the hand brake, rather hidden higher up under the dash board. You can see it by kneeling on the floor.

Typically in most vehicles all warning lights light up on ignition as a check of the light itself, for example because of a failed bulb or LED. After some time most most light go out, unless they stay on as a warning.
It might even be that that is legally required for cars, but since the Twizy is a heavy quad other (or no ) rules may apply.


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Exactly. And I’m pretty sure the lamp should light when the brake fluid is too low - or the reservoir cap is removed. Anyway I’ll check out the handbrake switch as soon as I get a chance. Thanks!

One of the contacts of the open (crappy) switch is bad. If I wiggle it about, it works better, but still fails most of the time. It’s still under guarantee, so the dealer can have a go at it.

The light still doesn’t come on initially when the ignition is turned on though.

Thanks again for the responses!