Handbrake not engaging

Right guys n gals. Twizy went in for mot. Failed. Handbrake not engaging on one side. Tester says it’s gonna be 850 quid as it needs a new calliper, new disc/bearing assemblies both sides and new pads. Is there a simple fix for the handbrake problem? The discs are grooved but still working ok and the pads have a good few miles left in them. That now reduces the bill, including the mot, to around 350 quid. Not a happy bunny. Will be getting the work done and punting it. Today, I fell out of love with my twiz. It annoys me that you have to buy the parts for the twizy from Renault only, as they already have you over a barrel regarding battery rental etc.

Have you tried some where else to get the caliper freed off? If it really is sized you would have noticed before the MOT.

The rear brakes are a screw adjustment on the cylinder not like the front. Perhaps a Motorcycle place could help.

The handbrake only operating on one side held the twizy in the steepest of hills so I had no inclination that there was anything wrong. All the brakes are working as they should. Jim thinks he’s found the problem and can hopefully fix it without replacing the calliper. I’ll know tomorrow. The only reason I took it to him in the first place is because he’s worked on everything and is very experienced.


If you have any doubts about the issue, I would take it to an independent to get the caliper looked at and get a set of gauges on the disks to see how deep the scoring is.

If you think it could pass, Cherrybank Garage in Perth MOT mine and they MOT another from SSE. At least they are independent and have seen twizys before .
You are welcome to lunch and a charge up at mine to help with the trip.


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I have had two problems with my Twizy handbrake.on both sides!
Both times the operating arm was seized.
The first time the arm was seized solid and it wouldn’t budge any way that was tried and the caliper had to be replaced.
Second time the other caliper arm seized I was able to free it off with WD40 and an adjustable spanner used on the arm to move it back and forwards.
Now I have a monthly regime of lubricating the arms and hopefully it won’t suffer from this problem again :slight_smile:


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Mine became sticky but I was able to work them free with some WD40 and now regularly give the rear arms a spray. I carry a small can of WD40 from the £1 shop and just spray with that. Lasts over a year. Also a bit cheaper than repairs.:grin:

Hey Richard. The guy I’m using is an independent. It’s not the Renault dealer. Hopefully he’s got it sorted. He says the discs will pass, but they are heavily scored front and back, which I find very strange as I use the brakes very little due to the regen. There was a time, when it was still under warranty that the brakes were binding, and I remarked to Renault about the scoring on the discs that was caused by their crap callipers which were replaced under warranty, but the refused to replace the discs.

The annoying thing is that I oil mine a couple of times a year, and I have all my guides and pistons greased a couple of times a year. Me thinks someone is taking the piss, and I’ll have to have a wee word…