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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts


Does anyone know if the handbrake is mechanical or hydraulic? Why do I ask? The MOT got changed last year by our DoT to make hydraulic handbrakes on quad bikes illegal…

I don’t expect Renault to have missed this one but I would like to know…

Would there be anything hydraulic on a Twizy? Hydraulic systems in my experience consume huge amounts of energy, so on electric vehicles are usually not the way to go. Electric assist if any at all, I would guess (it is a guess mind you).

I thought if they change legislation it only applies to thingd after that date.

It feels like a manual handbrake, with an electronic switch to inform the computer of its position. Internet entries state electronic handbrake, but if so, why the long travel?

The handbrake feels like a pretty conventional cable operated job except that there is an electrical interlock between the rathchet release button and the footbrake. You can feel it click when you press the footbrake. Once you’ve managed to press the rathchet release button in, you can take your foot off the brake and do a normal hill start by applying power and gradually releasing the handbrake.

The spring holding the ratchet release is not the most inspired piece of design, and one of ours has failed. The dealer seems to have found (or been told about) a more robust fix, so there shouldn’t be a repeat on that car. If it happens again, he says he’ll recall and fix all the others.

When I was trying to buy one, one of the dealers said their demo was out of action due to a jammed handbrake… Hope this helps.

Its definitely cable, I saw the cable right up to the lever when fitting my Parrot kit

Cable is good. Thank you.