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Happy owner


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Twizy I bought from Mender (Forum Member) two weeks ago. He made the whole buying experience really pleasant answering all my questions quickly and courteously. His enthusiasm for the car was infectious and he allayed all my fears with a few phone calls.

He said that the car had been thoroughly sorted out - software updates and all faults ironed out including the infamous sticky throttle - it had been!!

The car was delivered to my house in Essex from the other side of the country on a trailer by him in immaculate condition and he has stayed in touch with me since the sale to answer a few subsequent questions I had. I more or less paid the asking price and I have no regrets. Sometimes knocking people down a lot can really sour a deal - it’s not always about the money, you can’t put a price on good service. Mender gave me a much better buying experience than any dealer could have. Apart from a small problem with the HPI check (not the seller’s fault) everything went very smoothly.

Anyway, I just think we’re all too quick to complain and sometimes a bit slow when praise is due. I hope I’ve redressed this balance a bit.

Jenny and I went for a lovely trip to Leigh-On-Sea today to do a bit of shopping and have a coffee in Costas - this has to be the perfect vehicle for such a trip.
I absolutely love this little car!


Glad you are both happy with the Twizy

Thanks for the nice comments-appreciate it :wink: