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Hardly a hi... but... :)

Hey folks,

This is hardly an introduction, since most of you know me already – and I’ve been active on this and other forums for rather a long time as I was one of the first people in the UK to get a Nissan Leaf and one of the first to get a Renault Twizy! :slight_smile:

I used to be a music teacher. Then my passion for EVs got me into journalism, specialising in green transport. (I’ve been driving EVs since 2005.)

A long time ago, I started podcasting on the subject of EVs, initially as a cohost on a different show no-longer produced. Now I do my own show, called Transport Evolved](http://www.transportevolved.com).

Transport Evolved is produced in my home studio in my spare time, using my own studio equipment. (For the interested, that equates to two elderly 2006/7 Mac Pros, an old G4 Mac Mini, some audio equipment, a laptop or two, and a new Hackintosh fans helped me buy last year.)

Mark Chatterley (aka Nufkin and a colleague of mine at Zero Carbon World) and I are cohosts of the show, and there have been some changes over the past year or two.

Compared to the VERY first show I did with a different host back in 2010, we’re now much more UK centric, hopefully more professional and there’s even a new set – the infamous Brick Wall…


Today we’ll be recording Episode 136, live at 8pm over at www.transportevolved.com/live. There’s a chat room and everyone is very friendly :slight_smile: We’d love to see you join us. Plus Mark’s had a Twizy for the week on review, so there’s bound to be some Twizy content :slight_smile:

You can even submit story ideas for discussion tonight at our google moderator submission page.

Don’t forget too that you can watch us after the event on YouTube, or catch up with the video or [URL=“https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/transport-evolved/id376526332”]audio version of the show on iTunes or any mainstream podcasting app.


Great show Nikki !!
Thanks for all your hard work I look forward to every show :slight_smile:

Yay love this show!

I see this site was on, if only to show the Red Bull Twizy.

Ohhh nice. Whereabouts in the video?


Ohhh nice. Whereabouts in the video?[/quote]

Err, about 20 mins in I think. Ill check when I edit down tomorrow. ( I mix down the audio and video overnight so it’s posted by Friday afternoon.

Really good to watch Nikki-thanks for posting!
Nice to see a member “in reality” too!

Aww. Thanks!

For those who didn’t see the show live, you can now see it in its mixed-down format (ie, better quality!) at [http://www.transportevolved.com/2013/02/transport-evolved-episode-136-uk-dc-ok/

Alternatively, you can watch the video below. It’s just uploaded now, so it may not be great quality for a few hours (youtube videos tend to settle down after that!)


I’m getting ready for tonight’s show. If you have any show note you’d like to add, please don’t forget to submit them here.

And of course, join us live at 8pm over at www.transportevolved.com! :slight_smile: