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Has anyone else ordered the Polestar 2?

I’m seriously considering the Polestar 2 - Octopus EV Business Contract Hire Deal

Looks like deliveries will be around October at the minute. Has anyone else ordered one and due to get theirs soon?

does it do vehicle to grid? As I mentioned I’ve discussed alot with Octopus - they really are cutting edge. But could get a second hand Model3 performance for 350 a month too :grin: not quite as classy though. I hope to get a Model Y sometime next year.

I’ve not seen anything to suggest it can and a quick search doesn’t really find much. I had a quick look at Octopus’ V2G stuff and they’re offering a V2G bundle as kind of a trial. The vehicle in that deal is the Nissan Leaf. Then again, I can’t imaging Polestar would be releasing a vehicle in 2020 that can’t do this, but I’m unsure.

Something to think about!! Where have you seen this deal? Anywhere in particular? I was hoping to do it through my business to save on tax etc, but a model 3 performance for £350 is tempting, even on a personal deal.

They do look great. Are there any in the UK yet?

Wired are pretty complimentary of it

Not until early 2022 - but deposit is down - pending delays - final specifications and price. Supposed to be the biggest selling and best Tesla. I was excited when it was launched- but seeing the other options available by 2022 - there are plenty of other exciting options. The ID3 GTI / R for example…going to be an exciting transition!

I am working on vehicle to grid projects as part of a grid balancing programme. Combining house and car is something manufacturers are working hard on. The next Mitsubishi for example will support bi directional charging.
Both Octopus in East of England - and OVO are working on this technology from a powersupplier perspective - with us as end users receiving payment for having our EVs plugged into to their charger!

Yep, we’re spoilt for choice with EVs now. Used to only be a handful of decent models about but there’s lots coming out each year now.

At least if I go the Polestar 2 it’s only a lease, so I can then get whatever’s the best EV in a few years time once the lease is finished.

Saw the CarPervert review and it looks like a nice machine. A bit outside my budget unfortunately and I’ve never been a fan of leasing a car personally. Prefer to own lock, stock and barrel.

As I say jokingly to friends, “I have Tesla tastes, and Dacia budgets!”.

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The Nissan leaf is the only one that is doing it at the moment as it uses a slightly different battery technology.
Apparently Tesla will do it, but not until free supercharging is no more. They don’t want people filling up off Tesla for free and then plugging in at home and getting paid to put it back in the grid!

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I’m not a huge fan of leasing, but it makes sense if doing it through a business.

The lease payments count as an expense to the company so reduce the amount you’re paying tax on, and half the VAT can be reclaimed if using the car for personal use. The full VAT amount can obviously be reclaimed if it’s just business use.

Not to mention the lease is being paid for by the company, so there’s no personal tax to pay on that amount besides BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax, and thats 0% for EVs this year!

I couldn’t find a better deal than Vanarama. They ended up beating the next best by £20/month, lowered the initial payment & threw in an extra 1000 miles PA.
I went for Thunder grey without the performance pack. I would’ve loved those wheels but the gold dustcaps would get nicked in the first week!

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Just had a call from Octopus and basically they can no longer offer it to me at the price they quoted :frowning:

Something to do with Polestar only offering a certain number of cars to the funders at that price and Octopus not being aware of that or something. Disappointing as they want to push the price up by £90 per month!

I am expecting the same from Vanarama. It took me weeks of planning to convince my boss on the Polestar. This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’ll let you know when I hear from them.
I really don’t want a Tesla but I may be backed into it.

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Same here, such a shame. I would have jumped at a Model 3 a while back but after seeing the quality of the Polestar I had my heart set on that.