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Have Renault quietly scrapped the battery lease for Twizy?

Prices have jumped up for brand new Twizys with no mention of a battery lease anywhere.


Great if you can buy a Twizy in the UK

I suspect RCI Finance aren’t motivated to chase anyone who doesn’t renew their lease now tbh. I can’t imagine them taking action against people for 5+ year old batteries.

Check your leases and ensure that they have a battery reduction of 10% per year from V5C registration and not date of lease signature.
They have said that there will be a sell off in the coming months and no termination fees.

It’s now the Twizy i
Other manufacturers use it to mean ‘included’ I guess.
No mention of lease on Renault website anymore, but all the vehicle options are back.

@James, if you just stopped paying I wouldn’t be surprised if they would trash your credit rating though.

I expect these Twizys are the South Korean made ones?

@EVnBeyond, have Renault said they would sell off the batteries to owners? Do you have more details?

Thanks all

I wouldn’t advise stopping payments during a contract. I can’t imagine they’d chase people for a renewal though once the contract had expired. Just don’t sign a renewal.

There are people on the forum that have done just that and Renault never chase.

I didn’t sign the renewal so they put me on a one year contract without my approval.

heard other twizy owners had brought the battery from RCI but it seems they are paying the difference left on a 10 year battery lease without the breakdown cover leasers get.

fingers crossed we get our battery at 10 years :heart_eyes:

If the value drops by 10% per year, does that mean the battery is free at the 10 year point?!

Not if it drops by 10% of its current value :slight_smile: (as opposed to original value)

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I had some communication with RCI a few weeks back and their current line is still, no, you can’t buy a battery which is leased. However, for the first time ever, they actually told me that it will be possible soon.

No more detail than that I’m afraid.

Presumably though, using the value calculations on the existing contracts is the obvious way for them to avoid argument.

I have just bought a new one (UK) and yes the battery is included (No lease) and they are made and shipped over from S Korea. 6 month lead time mines coming September 2nd


I can confirm I brought my battery pack and claimed the VAT back as a business purchase £800 for a 2012 Twizy £133 back :slightly_smiling_face: