Having fun in a Twizy

Hi guys, new to this site. Been a big fan of the Renault twizy for a while now, so me and a friend decided to go and hire one for the day. We took some cameras along with us to film the whole experience.

Thought it might be something you would all enjoy watching.


Great fun, however when you are that short of battery do you use all 3 power bars? 1 is enough or none is enough for downhill.

Unfortunately we were rapidly running out of battery life while climbing a hill. Wasn’t much we could do about it. Still had a great day though.

I know what you mean - I once did less than 9 miles in 3 bars and then didn’t use a bar for next 20 miles as i was all down hill in Mid Wales.

Thanks guys for posting. I enjoyed watching the video.
You guys were pushing it a bit. If you had known the 30/50 rule, ie 30mph for 50 miles range, and 50mph for 30 miles range, you might have eased off a bit and made it.
Anyway, looks like you had fun !!

Thank you. No we weren’t aware of that rule, but it makes perfect sense having now experienced it.

Great video and glad you enjoyed it. Now just need to drive one with a powerbox in it to release the full fun factor