Hazard Light Button Fail

So it appears my hazard light button has broken. I can still get the lights to come on if I press the button in slightly, but it’s as though some contacts are loose somewhere.

I was laying in bed last night and noticed an orange flashing light outside my window. Yes, it was the Twizys hazard lights. I’d left the button in the on position by mistake even though they weren’t working, but then at 11.30pm they somehow magically came on. I turned them off, tried to turn them back on again but nothing. Strange.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Yes I have. I made a comment last week about it on the forum… had a problem this morning too perhaps because it is faulty. Osbrook mentioned that the 12v battery may have gone flat which stopped me starting the car. I assume from his comments that the lights were randomly going on/off during the night and drained the battery, yet I don’t actually use them. As the button is a press/release PTM and not a latched switch, it is difficult to work out whether you have turned them off when the flashing fault occurs - you could actually be turning them on perhaps? I suppose I went to bed and they discharged the 12v overnight.

How bizarre! I came out this morning and my hazard lights were flashing, I accused my 4 year old of turning them on but he was insistent it was not him (he was nowhere near it!) and my Mother had passed the car moments before and said they were off.

I thought I was going mad but they are not working now at all!

Maybe all Twizys are secret alien spacecraft and they communicate using the hazard lights? lol

What other plausible explanation could there be? :slight_smile:

Have none of you noticed that when it rains it gets water sitting in it?

bet it that’s.

It is definitely to do with water-it looks like Renault used a standard switch for the hazards and not a waterproof one.
Mine was washed yesterday and out in heavy rain last night.

I do prefer the alien communication theory though as this would suggest it is a feature-and not a fault which would mean going back to the dealers again…:rolleyes:

Yep, same happened to me, tried the switch one day and no hazards, forgot about it and a few hours later looked out at the car in the drive and there it was flashing ( so to speak )…

Renault replaced my switch under warranty at same time as doing the brake recall and a software upgrade and all is well ( so far ) !

Are we entitled to a replacement car if our Twizy is in for repairs covered under warranty?

Supposedly, should only take half hour max though-if they order the part first after believing you that it is a common fault and others have been replaced.

I guess my local garage will want to see it before ordering the part, as they won’t believe me, so it will take longer…

Actually, I am waiting for the throttle to stick again, then I will call breakdown out as it is a dangerous fault and I am not putting myself out again after being told it would not be replaced, then I will give them the list of other things to sort like the hazard light switch…

Good plan, mine has been fine for last two days, & then today really dangerous, it is sticking loads worse than normal.

I feel bad for you guys with the sticking throttle. Very strange problem. I’ve not experienced it. How often do you drive the Twizy?

Every day. Its the cold weather that makes mine stick!

Same here. I do 20 miles a day so so plenty of use.

Hazard warning lights going off randomly during my journey to work today… Kept pressing the switch to cancel tbem, then they go off again! Think I may have my button in OFF now :rolleyes:

It is easy to see if it is on or off, in on position the pusher is 2mm more recessed than in the off position, check it closely :wink:

The latest Clio switch is the same I think, they fail quite a lot in the cars, let alone one that gets hosed off once a week :smiley:

I’ve mentioned this problem to some of my contacts at Renault to make sure they know about it. I haven’t heard anything back yet, though :slight_smile:

I also wonder if this is something a little bit of switch contact cleaner could fix? I’m thinking Servisol Super 10?

Switch cleaner might work, however we shouldn’t have to do that. A water tight switch or switch cover should have been fitted. Even a lift up flap that was stuck over it would have helped. A quick fix might be a phone screen protector stuck over the switch. It would save having to pull the switch out to spay in the cleaner. After all the switch isn’t used that often. Doesn’t look good though.

If they had any sense, they’d have used a different switch or located it on the panel above the windscreen to protect it from the weather more.
How long before the DNR buttons fail too? :rolleyes: