Hazard Switch Replacement?

Has anyone replaced there Hazard Switch themselves?
How easy is it to get access to?
Never used the Hazards much but used them the other day and they were very intermittent.
Before anyone says its water in the switch, my Twizy has always had full plastic Windows fitted and always garaged so it’s never ever been wet!!!
Seems a problem even when fitted to Clios!
Car is still under warranty but the Renault dealers are useless and I know if I take it in they will have it in for a day then order a switch.
Meaning I will have two days of hassle getting the car to them and then being without the car for two days.
I can buy a new switch for the Clio off an Auction site for £4 so I will just get one and fit it myself


Happens frequently cause water gets trapped there.

I sprayed the hell out of it with WD-40 and now works like new;)

No need to give bloody renault any more money!!!

There’s no water in mine because it’s had full Windows fitted since new.
I will get the WD40 out and give it a squirt :grin: