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Hazard warning light

Today was the first time I’ve used the hazard warning light as I was double parked. It never came on. I remember reading a few people had trouble with the HWL when it gets wet so I thought I will get it seen to when it gets serviced next. Never gave it another thought until a few hours later when I was going to go out in the Twizy and saw the HWL flashing away. A few minutes of trial and error showed there is a delay action when the HWL is switched on before it actually comes on, a matter of 5 to 10 secs. Obviously when it didn’t come on the first time I never switched it back off. Good thing I noticed it otherwise I would have a flat battery. I think the lack of use might have contributed to the delay action. So check your HWL, and switch it on and off a few times occasionally

Good call. Test the HWL button.

Especially with all the rain we have had.

Hoover out the water, douse it in WD40…it is a standard, non-waterproofed switch in an area which gets wet and when mine was replaced under warranty it was replaced with…the same non-waterproofed switch.

Mine came on randomly overnight once it started to play up-and took a stack of charge with it, so keep an eye on it!

Mine actually didn’t get wet. But just like anything else, lack of use was probably the cause of the problem. Now that I have switched it on and off a few times, it comes on immediately. As I said from now on I will use it occasionally so it doesn’t seize up.
The trouble is if it doesn’t come on, one’s natural reaction is to switch it on and off a few times. By the time you’ve done that you don’t know if the switch is in the on or off position if it still doesn’t come on. I think that’s what happened in my case and then when it decided to come on eventually, I was not around to notice it. One tip : the switch is in the “ON” position when it is “out”.

You may not have noticed it getting wet but it’s quite exposed for a non waterproof switch so I would suspect it may have got slightly damp since you’ve had the car at least once.

The switches are temperamental when they’ve got wet and I’ve had mine come on hours later after I tried the switch and it didn’t work.

When the hazard light switch gets affected, the horn switch is next. just my experience :S