Hazards lights always on!


The hazard lights on my Twizy just turned on on its own this morning and impossible to turn them off even when I press the button. The only solution is to keep pressing the button.

Anyone had similar issues?

Thank you!


The hazard lights switch seems to be a real source of problem in the Twizy. It is very temperamental. It works sometimes and not at others. Trouble is if it doesn’t work you might not know you have left it in the ON position and it will come on by itself later on, very often flattening your 12V. Just remember button OUT is the ON position.
Quite a few of us including myself had new switches fitted under warranty.

I’m afraid the switch - which was apparently never weatherproof - is notoriously unreliable and you need to get it replaced. It has an insidious habit of not working even when in the “on” position (that’s slightly out from the dash-board) but deciding to start working in the middle of the night, only to flatten your 12V battery!

Drown it in WD40 that fixed mine :smiley: