Hazards working funny


My hazards started to blink suddenly. They keep flashing.
I read a few topics and figured it it might be the button.

I have drowned it with wd-40 and charged the battery with an ext. Charger since i thought it might a battery issue. (Changed though in 6mnths)

What is funny is that when I put the parking lights on I can click the hazards and easily get them to stop…but with the parking lights on, it’ll drain the battery in notime.

Any ideas?
Will it solve the issue with a new button or is it something else? Considering the perfect function when park lights are on.

Thanks 4 help!

It is solved,

I got help to pull out the button and it stopped,
In other words it is simply to buy a new one


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Broken switch replace. Easy to get hold of one for a reasonable price Ie. not from a Renault Dealer. See other threads on this.

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If the twizy is outside then the hazard switch is yearly maintenance to replace :rofl: