Headlight assembly sku

Both my headlights är cracked due to thermal shock. I’m trying to find an aftermarket part, but I cannot even find the oem part.
Does anyone know of any aftermarket part I could buy?

Same ones from last year or have you been unlucky for it to happen again?

Same ones. I passed the yearly inspection, so thought about not fixing it. But now I’m about to either sell it, or convert it for off-road use.

Converting to off road sounds interesting. But it is a shame there aren’t any alternative headlights located.

There’s plenty of 7" motorcycle headlight assemblies available, but I doubt it will fit the headlight adjustment used for the twizy. I could be wrong about that through.

It does say on the Glass that they are Motorcycle H4 ones. Made by Hella. H4 being the bulb. You need ones with the pilot bulb as well. Lots of 7" ones available but what would fit I have no idea.

Most appear to be patterned glass (dispersion optics). Where as the Twizy has so-called “clear cover lenses” which have no optical elements. They only serve to protect the light from soiling and weather conditions.

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I tried looking for motorcycle headlight assemblies, but none of them had adjustment facilities. I got the original OEM part number from Renault though: 260602224R

Not so bad, 99Eur for each, both sides are identical.