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Heated Jacket

Went to a trade tool event yesterday, and purchased one of these :slight_smile:
I have not received it yet, but will keep you all informed, looks ideal for the Twizy, Iam sure you will agree.


Can we ask how much in the UK?

Well I bought a cordless tool, which shares the battery, so it was £100. if you want a battery as well its £200.

Just found this, good old Ebay :slight_smile:


How much are the batteries on top of this or can it plug in?

Its £200 for the whole lot I think .

Big range of battery powered heated clothing


Because of my line of work (soon to be ex-line of work!) I have a set of arctic winter gloves and an arctic winter hat. They’re good for temperatures down to -30 degrees C. I’ve taken to wearing them in the Twizy when I go out at night, and they keep me warm!

As for a jacket, I alternate between a ski jacket and my motorcycle jacket. Because the motorcycle jacket is built to work at speed on a bike, it’s a little warmer than a ski jacket–at least before I put any liners in!

The place I get cold is on my legs and feet. Now I have the blanket (Jupe) from Renault, that helps. However, it becomes a bit of a problem with all the rain because the bag holding the Jupe isn’t waterproof! (duh!)

Well I received my jacket on Saturday, and wore it to the Twizy roadshow in town, Saturday was sunny but icy cold in the back of the car.
wore it again this morning, and I must say, Renault should consider doing their own brand, because it was designed for that vehicle. I was so much more comfortable, the jacket really makes a difference, its not hot, but keeps your body temp up.
You notice straight away once you turn it off :slight_smile:
A big thumbs up from me

Sounds great. Got any pictures or links for the power pack/charger? Cheers :slight_smile:


Ah, that makes it clearer-only thing is where does the battery get plugged in? Is the battery pocket uncomfortable being on the rear?

Battery pack unclips, and goes into a charging unit, havn’t noticed it being in the way particularly.

I meant how does it plug into the jacket? Direct connection or with a lead?

Yea it has a lead with a Jack plug on

Was thinking it would be a hefty connector like on the drill base! Lead and battery goes into a pocket then-that sounds better!