Heated Windscreen not work

Hi guy,
I’ve bought a used Twizy from 2012 and only 15k kilometers, as you know, in winter season the big problem is the frost outside and inside. The Heated Windscreen seem not working at all, only the dashboard light turn on and the fuse is ok.
Can you help me to troubleshoot the failure? Do you know where the lead of the windscreen heater are?

Many thanks.

I am surprised that the dashboard light comes on but the heated windscreen doesn’t work. So you can switch the light on and off OK. Did you wait a little while before you switch off, because it takes at least 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes even longer depending on amount of condensation, for it to take effect. Don’t know how effective it is to defrost a frozen windscreen. Haven’t tried that before.

Can you hear a relay click as the heated screen symbol turns on and off?

The connections are at the bottom of the screen ( I only know this as I nearly pulled them off with a cleaning cloth).

Might have caused some confusion here. Demisting takes at least 2 to 3 minutes or longer. Defrosting will take a lot lot longer, I suppose.

based on my experience, heated windscreen will prevent condensation perfectly but when outside temperature is too low (-3 or less in my case) not even 15 minutes of heating did not defrost even the small (1cm) parts of the screen that I’ve missed when manually removing the frost. The heating power is just not enough. So, it could be that it actually works as designed :slight_smile:

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