Heated windscreen

I love the heated windscreen. In the past few months it has been a godsend.

Now my question is this, after about 15 minutes it turns itself off. Is this to protect anything from over heating at all or just a feature that it works on a timer?

My journey is about 30-40 mins each way and I normally just turn it back on but then wondered if I may be doing some damage through this?

Any thoughts?

I don’t have windows so the 10-15mins is plenty at the start of my journey and not required afterwards.

Sometimes, even without windows, one “heating-session” is not enough for me. I just turn it on again, never had any problems with that.


My heated windscreen seems to automatically come on, it is warm outside so not sure what is happening.

My switch has a blank position - not named, then “0” which I would assume to be off and then the heated position. It seems to randomly come on when in the un-named position and in the 0 position.

Any ideas?

You have the same issue as a lot of Twizys. The switch appears to have a mind of it own at times. As already suggested - remove the fuse until the winter or look to replace the stalk or create a by-pass switch.

Mine comes on more when I use the Wipers, and is also affected by the backwards forwards motion on the stalk. But it is intermittent so I live with it.

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Thank You. I will pull the fuse. Good idea. I thought it was me doing something odd.

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