Hello and Intro from Guildford, Surrey, UK

Hi Folks, quick intro as this is my first post. I have just bought myself a 2012 Technic with doors and Parrot media kit, in white and I love it! Have been thinking about one for a while, having driven my first a couple of years ago on a Renault demonstration event. My ‘new’ car has only 3000 miles and a proper service history.

So far I’ve added an excellent bag of connectors (Type-2 -to- 13A and Commando -to- 13A) from EVBitzUK, plus the usual useful things like waterproof jacket and sunglasses holder.

I’m still learning about my car and look forward to reading through the Forum to get a feel for all the things you folks probably already know :slight_smile:


Welcome, Phil.
You’ve got the Twizy just at the right time, summer. Having said that, the weather hasn’t been too brilliant in the last week or so. When it gets better, ENJOY !!

Welcome Phil, this is the perfect place to find out more, oh and if you are buying nice things don’t forget about @kennethnilsen69 powerbox which totally transforms the car as well

Welcome Phil, plenty of enthusiasm and information here.
Three add ons that I would recommend.
1 Mudflaps - utterly essential
2 Power box - transforms the Twizy experiences
3 Ministromer softer roll bar bushes - takes out the “crash bash”!

Have fun.

Welcome to the madness:)
This is the best place to gather info about your little roller.

Enjoy safely.

Already in contact with our electronics friend :slight_smile:

Mudflaps now fitted - wow what a difference, no more muck up the sides after only a few minutes driving. Twizycovers Half Cover now in the lockable storage too. What awesome little cars :slight_smile:

Welcome from Virginia Water!!

Greetings from Buckland (on the A25). I’ve visited Guildford a few times in my orange Twizy. Its 17 miles on the shortest route - so not much left when I get home!

So - Medium setting, Neutral @320, @Foot 500 - wow! Nuff said :slight_smile: Thank you Kenneth…

I would be the same. Except I am still waiting to get my Twizy back from Renault HQ. This is the 3rd week…

Gotta love that service!!