Hello and some advice?


I’m Grace and the twizy will be my first car/vehicle ever owned.

As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it, it’s perfect for my needs. Slight problem though, I have no clue what I’m doing and as I’m under 20 my age concerns a lot of insurers especially!

I really want it, I’ve test driven it but I’d like some blunt honest advice as to whether or not I should get it and if I should what to do about finances for it.

Any help would be brilliant or just a hi. :slight_smile:

Morning Grace and welcome

There are quite a few insurers that will cover you-take a look around the forum to get some answers!

Best thing to do would be take a demo and get the salesperson to get a quote from Renault for you as a starting point.

Good luck :cool:

As a fellow Lancastrian (although I now live in Essex), welcome to the forum. Windy, wet and cold in Bolton so makexsure you plan for that. Doors and the windows help against the wind chill… When moving, the wind blows around the driver and into the rear passenger space, so I put my own windows in to protect my children from the wind who love travelling in the back. So it is cold. I get cold feet and wear thermals to help - get cold feet and where two pairs of gloves (iphone gloves under my normal gloves). I use a Smart phone (Samsung Galaxy Note) with a car cradle that makes my phone voice activated - play all my music, have satnav and can make calls. I use a bluetooth speaker to make it louder, which has a microphone in it to make the voice command better. I bought a car cover from Halfords that is for covering four Bicycles. I hook one corner on a mudguard and the others fit really tightly to the indicator pods to stop it blowing off. Mudguards are a must have if you want the back of the car to stay a bit cleaner (keeps rear passenger’s clean too). You’ll get about 38miles to 40miles if on low speed rund with battery regenaration down hills or when slowing down. It will keep up with traffic and do 52mph, but if you use full throttle to do this a lot, you will only get about 30miles befote the 3.5hr recharge for a pound. I use Admiral for insurance… Check the banks for their APR rate as they can be cheaper than the dealer, you will not have any admin set up fee’s at the start or the end. I don’t like PCP’s as you pay too much monthly and still have a few thousand pounds left to pay at the end. GAP insurance to cover the cost of a crash settlement (write-off lower value than what you have left to pay due to depreciation) could be useful as none of knows what our car will be worth in three years. Battery Lease - I pay £48.99 per month for 6000miles a year (over three year contract) which was the cost to fill up my Fiat 500 I had before… In the end it is up to you… Go and try one - see if you can haggle on the demo car if it is the colour you want and they are hunting for a sale. Delivery on brand new cars are quite long!


When you say you have no clue what you’re doing, what do you mean? No clue how to finance it, purchase it, drive it??

How will you be using it? What sort of journey will you be doing in it?

to and from work, going seeing my mates, not really any long distance stuff.mainly finances for it and buying it, when I’ve talked to family and friends they said they weren’t sure if things are different because it’s such an unusual car, so I thought I’d try and talk to people who already have bought one. out of the insurers that I’ve spoken to some of them won’t cover me and some of them were coming up with ridiculous figures but saying that they weren’t 100% sure on the figure and that I’d have to buy the car first which sounds ridiculous to me. I’ve not spoken to renault about insurance or finances yet, they just told me the price of the car and some specs, I got most of what I know from the website and reviews.

I know I’ll have to buy doors and windows, security, weather and other reasons. Not thought of mud guards though! Thanks for replying guys and for the advice! :slight_smile:

Seen this. He wants £5500 for it!

Good luck, I hope you can sort something out. I would try Renault for both finance and insurance. Neither was that far from the real world in temps of price.

I think the main reason you haven` t had has much direct advice as you would have liked from here, is we are all older, some a lot. :rolleyes:. We did have problems with insurance but not like you.

Please let us know how you get on, it will help others.


Where abouts are you? Location will make a big difference on insurance, as well as drivability! :slight_smile:

Rogernews - thats a left hand drive one. Worth less.

Apart from the headlights what else is different?

Runs only on nuclear, not fossil electricity…

Nice one Os… Brakes pull to the right instead of left???

I meant I didn’t get any helpful advice from my family, or from the insurers for that matter. I’ll see what happens and let you know. :slight_smile:

Bolton. but I practically live in Manchester. Don’t know whether that will make insurance cheaper or not.

I went with Pluginsure.
They are not the best with the telephone manner but they were helpful.
Cos they are a specialist they will not need to look at previous no claims.
Being able to stick it in a garage will help with cost.
Also you could pay out right, split it over the 10-12 months, or not sure if they do it for everyone but they let me pay half on day of insuring, and then pay second half a month later. They have no contacted me for the second half yet.
Give them a ring and they will send you a PDF to fill out, don’t rely on their online quote as it seems to be a bit off what they quote in reality.
Good Luck

Thought I’d mention that keeping in a garage instead of the driveway was more expensive by a pound or two surprisingly. They are apparently concerned that something kept in the garage will fall on it such as paint and thinners etc.

Considering it is an open car, that IS bizarre 8-|

I guess you should take it to a little longer drive like some tour which has to be planned or something like that because according to my experience it works the most, I had to go through a few things when it was about being manually correct yeah busing was a different sort of thing for i used [FONT=arial]bus from ny to charlotte nc [/FONT]and they also took care of my needs.