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Hello everyone

Hey everyone, my name is Hollie I live in Plymouth and I absolutely adore renaults especially the twizy and twingo i am 21 and a car valeter for Renault!
I own a 1.2 Dynamique twingo in white and black that I have modded using all Renault accessories, once I have had it 3 years I am going to pay off the finance and keep the car alongside hopefully buying a twizy :slight_smile: I love the twizy because of its quirky looks and excellent individuality this is what also attracted me to the twingo and renaults in general, have enjoyed reading people write up’s and looking at all the pictures

Heres my model 1/12 scale twizy

My twingo

Welcome Hollie. Hope you get your Twizy soon.

Have you any tips you can offer us on the best way to clean the plastic panels without damaging them?

Are they that easy to damage?

It is said that the grit from the road is easy to rub in and scratch the clear plastic bit on the.
Dealers found this with the extra cleaning they do.

welcome Hollie, love your Twingo, they are pretty rare as far as I can see.
You sure picked a hard career, valeting cars is tough work. Its unusual for you to love the cars you clean, but you are right, they are certainly quirky.

Whats your thoughts on the new Twingo GT? looks pretty smart. I intend to keep my Citroen DS3 and get a twizy as well.