Hello from Bavaria ;-)

sy for my bad english first, i hope you can understand a little bit of… :wink:
Hello from Bavaria ,my Name is Otto i´m a 38 Year old Twizydriver from Munich (spezial edition in black,20000km,since 2013) and i hope to find some crazy drivers like me to have a lot of fun with our Evs!

the Reason for my registration is the following…

After a lot of electric Events i visit (e-tour-europe, Lipsia-e-motion, e-RUDA, Wave etc.) i try to inform people
about the fun you can have with e-mobility, the low costs and the less pollution for all of us!

So i want to make some crazy thing to be in focus of the people all around…after some meetings with Twizys in my Neighbourhood were we drive a big round through Munich with stops at central Places to inform i decide to make a Tour through Germany which is really freaky for a Ev with a Range of 80km :wink:

But we did it, in August 2014 a group of Twizy(5) and one Twike make it happen!

4000km through Germany, an absolutly amazing Experience were we met a lot of Places and great People…a new way to travel and to see your own Country in a other very special Way!


but thats not enough…the next Challenge is on the Way…and i wont that you all will be part of it :smile:

Please show your Madness and follow us to Rinteln(near Hannover) were we will have a great Weekend
of Fun at the " Bundestwizytreffen"

at (www.bundestwizytreffen.de) you will get further information about it(sy its only in german at the moment)
but when youre interested in it just write me a e-mail and we will make it happen!

All Members get a thenewmotion Chargingcard to make the Charging easier on the Way!

Kind Regards


[email protected]
[email protected]
facebook: bundestwizytreffen
hashtag: #twizycon

Hello Otto,

Last years Bundes Twizy Treffen in Rinteln DE was outrageous!

I am sure there will be a British Party present next time! If Twizys from Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands could come over to the European Twizy Treffen in Germany on their own wheels, then an English team will come this time for sure!
And if the destination is Cologne this year that makes it an easy trip :yum:

Keep us updated about the next Twizy meeting in the summer of 2016! :heart_eyes:

Regards, Roel

What about 6 of us club together and hire a trailer? I reckon we can fit 6 easily on the back of a large one, park up and drive the final 30kms in to the venue? Mad idea? I haven’t the time to stop every 70kms and wait 3 hours for as charge there and back!!

Thats what a bunch of Twizy drivers from Munich did. No problem at all. But the experience of so many crazy Twizy drivers, leaning in each others cars, helping each other with the toe in, or out, the OVMS or the gear oil change is unforgettable! Not to mention the tours with 100 Twizys, the food and the drinks.
Look for yourself: Bundes Twizy Treffen 2015

There is a better video than this where you see all the Twizies - have you got that?

Oh yes there are a lot. YouTube is your friend. Search for Bundes Twizy Treffen or BTT.

This one is shorter. Put your laptop as loud as possible and start the movie :kissing_heart:

Just amazing to see so many Twizyites all together having a good time. Well done.

That looks beyond cool

Otto is a fabulous individual whom I had the honor to meet a frew weeks ago in Munich.
He takes the full burden to organize this event reaching deep down in his pocket to achieve it with minimal support.

I applaud people like Otto for their selflessness, inspiration and creativity.

I’ll do my best to be there in August. Every little help Otto gets, counts, not just for an event, but furthermore in keeping communities alive and together.