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Hello from Belfast. N.Ireland

Hello all, I have just taken delivery of my twizy two days ago and love it to bits! I am from Belfast N.I. I entending to use my twizy everyday, I think its a midlife crisis at 39 or I just got fed up giving all my money to my local fuel company. Anyway I hope to have years of fun with the twizy.

Welcome Mark. Hope you enjoy your Twizy as much as I have enjoyed mine over the last 16+ months.
Not the best time of year to start off with the Twizy. But just get a big coat, hat and some gloves and things will be fine. I like many other drove right through the winter in snow and rain with no problems. I don’t have windows.

I just wear my Motorcycle coat. As you will have found out the driver doesn’t get wet. A cloth in the glove box to wipe the seat down is a good addition.

The Twizy handles well in the snow.

Just enjoy.

Welcome, Mark. You will enjoy your Twizy, no doubt. Hope you enjoy the attention it attracts too!!!
Talking about being fed up with giving your money to the fuel company, doesn’t giving money for the battery hire feel the same?

Battery hire does dominate the running costs on a Twizy, making it cheaper than any small car but not as much cheaper as people who focus on the electricity costs alone would have you believe. However, looking on the bright side, you can look on the battery rental as effectively freezing the dominant element of your running costs for 4 years. I don’t think you could get a deal like that from Shell! :razz:

I suppose that’s one way of looking at it. However if you work out the cost per mile (£45 per month only allow you to do 4000 miles a year, and that’s not including the cost of charging), you will find that small ICE cars which can easily do 50 mpg can work out cheaper. And they are PROPER cars. Also the Twizy seems to cost more to insure. BUT, I will still have the Twizy any day.

What does it for me, is that Glasgow City Council offer free parking for EV’s as well as recharging - my parking bill averages £39pm, which is waived so this makes it the tipping point for me - for others the lack of any congestion charge fees also make it a good deal.

Thanks everyone and hello again! I am so in love with my twizy, I did 28 miles of small backroads tonight and it was one of the best drives of my life, it was cold and the roads were wet but I loved every minute of it! Brilliant! The battery rental doesn’t bother me that much as I am stepping out of a Range Rover which I ran for 5 years into the Twizy for my daily runabout so I have got no problem with £45 a month, the Rangie takes £145 to fill and that does 400miles which lasted me 2wks! The fuel saving alone is paying for the Twizy! Never mind the fun factor it just makes financial sense! It’s also like speed dating… Every time you stop at lights or in traffic you have a minute to chat to complete strangers! I just wish I had driven one ages ago now as I missed the best Twizy summer ever, we didn’t have rain here for 6weeks.

Hi Raymond, Ive not taken advantage of the Glasgow Council charge points yet… are they all type 2 though and if so have you managed to get some form of adaptor? I need to look at how to take advantage of this myself but I thought most were Type 2? Any advice appreciated ! Andy

Most are type 2 thanks to Transport Scotland’s narrow-mindedness, but Twizy’s are welcome at both Cadogan & Concert Square CP’s - the latter has Electrobay 13a posts x 2 and the former 4 x 13a standard sockets. For free street parking, I unlatch the eVolt socket cover and trap the 13a plug within as you’ll be ticketed without physically being linked. No need to draw current. I’ve had no need to go the route of a Type 2 adaptor (yet).

Where or what chargers in belfast are twizy friendly?

Have a look at the PlugShare website - they also have iOS apps and I find this pretty good.

None, that I have found, unless you buy the very expensive adapter to use the roadside charging stations, what few there are! I have just made a note of any of my friends that have outdoor sockets and plan my journeys accordingly, I can get from Dunmurry to Donaghadee via Comber on one charge but it needs charged for the return journey!