Hello from deepest darkest London

Hi All,

So, I seem to have joined the few others who decided to buy a Twizy bang in the middle of winter! I’d seen a few driving about near work last year and upon closer inspection I knew I wanted one. A few weeks ago I saw a pretty good deal but had to be quick due to Twizy appearing on Top Gear the previous Sunday and the great surge of interest that ensued!

I’ve only done one 30 mile trip from the dealer to my brother’s house (I have to get parking permits, congestion charge etc sorted before I can use it where I live), but I’m really looking forward to it and the changes it will bring to my lifestyle! I’m already thinking about power and where to get it; the real challenge being I can’t actually charge it at home. Happy times ahead!


Welcome!! Hopefully we are half way through the winter. Get yourself nicely wrapped up and really it’s not too bad at all. I use mine everyday, even in the snow. Only time I don’t use it is when it is really bucketing down, as I don’t use my windows anymore. Tell us how you sort out your charging situation. Warmer weather coming soon and it will be a lot better.

Echo the welcome. As Askho says windows aren’t good and best left off. I do use my car in the rain and the snow, never got that wet in the Twizy only on the walk from the car park into walk etc.

Charging will be interesting. You may end up having to buy a Type to 3 Pin socket to use a greater range of public charge points. Pronlem is they are approx £110 DIY to £360 buy. Have seen them at £230. They are frowned upon by the EV community as it would let anyone plug any thing in to a charge point ie. a kettle. But who would want to sit and wait while their phone charged.

Good luck with the charging and let us know how it goes.