Hello from deepest Wiltshire

BigDave here from deepest Wiltshire, I’ve had my MG ZS EV for less than three weeks and I like it very much. At the moment I charge it from a 13 amp plug but I do intend to get a faster charger at some point.

Hello and welcome!
I’m a real fan of these…and EV that doesn’t shout about its EV status and just looks like a regular ‘car’!
How’s the winter range holding up??

Hello Kwh-hunter.
Thanks for the welcome. I do not do a great mileage so can’t comment on the winter range in fact I have only charged the car twice so far. Why do people suggest that the 13 amp charger shouldn’t be used long term?
I’m sure I will find other questions to ask as time goes on - are there any other MG owners on here.

Happy New Year


It’s often said to avoid using a 13A plugtop to charge long term as the BS1363 13A plug & socket can sometimes overheat and melt when pulling high currents over a long period of time. The “granny chargers” that come with an EV will often have a temperature probe in the plugtop to shut off the charger if the plug gets too hot but there is always the risk when using an extension lead.
With a “proper” type 2 charging point, the connector can cope with far higher currents, can charge a lot faster, is always installed on an RCD protected supply (whereas a 3 pin socket might not be) and is generally safer.

That said, the most popular EV on this forum, the Renault Twizy, only has a 3 pin 13A BS1363 plug (or Euro Schuko plug on the continent), tethered to the car. Go figure :grin:

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If you’re considering having a charging point installed I can highly recommend the myenergi zappi.

It has all the required safety features built in so doesn’t need an earth rod.

All that’s required is a spare 32A outlet on your consumer unit / fuse box.

I only currently have a Twizy, which charges from a standard 3 pin socket, but we did hire an eGolf and it worked very well with the zappi.

It also has the option to charge using the surplus energy from our solar panels.