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Hello from Devon!

I’ve been ‘re-slotted’ at work so bye bye lease car, hello Twizy. Not got one yet but I’m looking :). I’ll be doing a 30 mile round trip commute on rural lanes with a short city stretch, should be an adventure!

I’ve had motorbikes, a vespa and an old-style mini before, the Twizy looks just the thing for me.

Hello and welcome. The Twizy sounds just the job for you, a 30 miles round trip is perfect with plenty of range to spare. As long as you don’t take it as a serious commuter vehicle but a toy with the added bonus of being able to commute shortish distances, then you will be very happy.
Good luck and hope you will join the club soon.

If you are ever in the north Devon area come and have a go in mine before you buy one.

Thanks for the offer but had a test drive in Plymouth on the weekend. Great fun! Will be looking to buy come the autumn when my car lease runs out.