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Hello from East Yorkshire

Hi all, just ordered my Twizy, get it delivered next week, its an ex demo urban (no doors, as twizys should be:lol:), im a keen motorcylist and had a pushbike which I converted to electric which was good fun and useable, test drove a twizy last year and loved it, so had to have one when funds allowed.

been reading with interest the type 2 charging adapter threads which I think im going to have get, Im also trying to get my company to install a charging station for me.



Attaboy! Doors are for wimps and you get even wetter unless you get windows as well! :lol: Be sure to get the front mud flaps, though, if you want to minimise the mist and spray sucked in by the slip-stream. Otherwise, as a biker you’ll already have everything you need for happy all-weather Twizzying. Welcome to the blast!

I agree no door but do fit the windows!!!:lol:

I to am an ex biker and so have a warm coat. I do have doors but will not fit windows, having gone through two winters and not found I needed them.
I agree with Ecofunkytravel, fit the mud flaps.

Hope you get some good weather to enjoy the Twizy with.

Is Renault the only place I could order some front mudflaps from?, I may even make some, I have some stiff black rubber, which I could nicely shape and simply glue them on to inside of the mudguard.

They need to be soft as they are close to the ground and the Renault ones still rub on Speed bumps. The Renault ones are bolted on by drilling holes in the existing mud guards - which are easier to remove than the wheel. Be interesting to see some photo’s of yours on a Twizy.

Congratulations on your purchase, I am sure you will love it, still using mine almost everyday after 18 months :smiley: