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Hello from Essex

Hello all.

We are purchasing a used Twizy soon, we are Eastwood, near Southend… I have seen a charge point in Southend, but thats about it, not really been looking that much, dont know it there is one in Brentwood (I sometimes go there) and I need some sort of adapter??? have not got a clue about these cars…

Thank you

Well you’ve come to the right place if you need information. I’m from Hornchurch in Essex, and we have a few other owners from Southend on these forums so they would be best placed to answer your questions.

With regards to you needing an adapter, I’m unsure about that as I don’t know what type charge points there are in Southend. The Twizy itself comes with a standard 3-pin plug which can be used in most existing chargepoints. It’s the new chargepoints that are doing away with this and have all started using the type 2 charge point exclusively.

If you’re looking to buy, there are plenty of cheap ex demos available on the market. I would definitely shop around before buying a brand new one.

Thank you, yes I see threads about adapters, but the threads seem to end, so I dont know if its possible to use/carry an adapter.

Hi there, I am from Southend On Sea…, there is a business on the A127 called Lime who use a Twizy for advertising, and the business called Hometec next to the Tesco garage has a Twizy too. There is also a private car in Rayleigh. I drive to Wickford each day from central Southend using different routes, often through Rayleigh, the chase, Eastwood road. I have tried to register with Source East so that I can use the Southend charge point… There are two: 1. Outside Sainsbury/Sweet Frog Yoghurt shop/ the student lego building and 2. In the Warrior Square car park behind the old swim centre. I have parked at the sweet frog post to go into town, but haven’t examined it to check the connector it uses. I get about 44miles from one charge using the Rayleigh / Eastwood Road or A127 routes which for me is 2days motoring. Enjoy it when it arrives.

Hi, I am the owner in Rayleigh but often spotted in Leigh where I work! I spoke to a few companies about charging without any real information or help but then found Polar Network (Chargemaster) and they were brilliant and answered all my questions. I sent off for my card (£10 a year) and went to both points in Southend, Seaways car park and opposite Sainsburys in London Road. You hold the card on the top reader and the flap opens for your particular choice… 3 pin plug. The Twizy lead is too thick for it to close completely so I use a small trailing lead to connect. When it closes up, the lights go green and off you go to do your shopping etc. while your Twizy gets a free boost.

I used my car in rain, snow, ice, gales and finally relented and put the windows in when the snow came through one window and out the other which meant I couldn’t see where I was going!! I just wear outdoor clothing as if I was walking to my place of work. When the sun shines there is no better feeling. The driver is well protected but the passenger does get a bit more of a breeze!

You become a bit of an Eco warrior when you are behind a fume emitting vehicle and you also have celebrity status everywhere you go so be prepared! Soon there will be more of us and the novelty will wear off but it is the best fun I have ever had. I have driven every car imaginable: a Ford Thunderbird 1962, Jensen Interceptor, Ferrari, Aston Marton, Spitfire, Smart Roadster, Jensen Healey, and so on but no car has made me smile as much as this.

So to the others… When are we meeting up? How about a pub run?


Thank you for your reply, it’s good to see that you are loving the Twizy and all is going well. I did not realise that it was free to charge once you have a card.

i have looked at the map link you sent and can’t see any of the Southend ones on there? Are some missing? Maybe it’s me and I can’t see them!

I see there seems to be charging posts of different charging companies. I wish they were all tied In, as you would need lots of different cards, I still can’t find out if there is anything in Brentwood at all, but I have seen the one in London Rd, Southend.

Hi, I should have also given this link. Both are good with the Polar card: http://www.chargemasterplc.com/index.php/live-map/

Thank you for this, I did some quotes today for insurance… wow Renault was over 1000… and others have not been good as well…they said its the SS postcode! and we dont have a no claims to use, its on the others! Dont know what company you are with, but these cars are a lot to insure.

My trade policy costs that and I can insure up to 7 cars of my own and use anyone elses’ cars “in connection with business”-they accepted the Twizy too

I had no problem getting insurance with Sheila’s Wheels and they understood about electric cars - I just bumped up the value to cover the battery. See the posts under insurance on the forum. I think it’s cheaper for me because I am older but it was certainly less to insure than my old 2007 Alfa Romeo.

‘bumping up the value’ to cover the battery doesn’t help - they need to explicitly note the battery value replacement cost is NOT simply the ‘market value’. At best this is a vanity exercise for the owner (as they will only ever pay for market value) the battery must be noted as an external value v