Hello from Glasgow

Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello as got a lot of info off the forum prior to the purchase of this, which arrives Friday!

Welcome. You’ve got the same colour as mine. New?
ENJOY!!! Maybe not in this weather as it is getting colder now. It will be a lot better in the summer.

Hi askho

Not new, ex demo, 900 miles, 2012… Been driving to work after I got rid of a cbf 125cc purely for commuting and it’s free ev parking so this works out cheaper, yeah winters going to be fun! West of Scotland = rain!

Just trying to decide on the best Windows which seems to be a point of great debate!!!

I have the official Renault windows but I don’t use them anymore. I find it is far nicer withour them, as some others have found out too. I went through all last winter without the windows and it was fine. I get nicely wrapped up and it was perfectly OK. I used it all through the winter, virtually everyday, except when it was bucketing down.
You were a biker so it’s no problem to you.

How long have you had yours askho? Any major grief etc?

See that’s half my plan I recon, hold off on the windows and see if I can just deal with the cold and then maybe choose but don’t know… a bit worried about access to it though as its Glasgow!!!

Apart from the Windows the only other thing I’m trying to work out is the 13amp to type two converter and whether or not it locks into the on street chargers or not? ie could some one just steal it etc?!

Seen this one…

Mine was an ex demonstrator on a 12 plate. Crazy to buy new. Had it for 2.5 years now and it’s approaching 10K miles. Touch wood, it has behaved itself and I have had no problems, except premature wear of the front tyres because of wrong tracking. Had to have them replaced at about 7K miles.

Welcome Dave

I’m one that doesn’t use the windows and as an ex-biker never seen the need. The windows don’t help much with the cold so you might still end up in your motorbike Jacket when very cold. Surprisingly the Driver but not always the passenger don’t get wet while driving.

Before looking at windows fit front mud flaps. This will also help keep you drier in the wind and rain but also help keep the Twizy cleaner. I’ve used mine every day through the last 3 winters. Handles the snow well and not having windows means it handles the cross winds very well, even on the motorway.

Cheers osbrook
Yeah the winter will be the fun bit :cry:

Actually getting proper excited for it to arrive on Friday!

May just put a pin in the Windows then for the time being and see how I fair…

Windows are odd and some people like them. For me they are noisy and add to the complexity of getting in and out. Never mind the damage they cause.

I still after 3.5 years reach to shut the window is there is a side gust while parked!!! Never when moving though.

Hi Dave,
Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you’ll love the Twizy when it arrives on Friday.

Regarding Charging Adaptors - yes, they should lock onto the “type 2” Mennekes sockets when charging. I have one, they can be expensive but take a look around for better prices than the link you gave.
You can find some options in the Charging Adapters thread, (http://www.evowners.com/t/charging-adapters/1139) - Sorry, I haven’t worked out how to link this topic with that one!

Windows - I’d agree with most people - windows are not really necessary and a hinderance to the Twizy Experience, assuming you don’t carry passengers. However I decided to get some windows, the Twy-Rain ones from Italy, mainly for my passenger’s comfort and for the locks and the legal issues around that (long story):
The Twy-Rain windows are actually pretty good windows but are the most expensive.
The Twizy-windows ones from Scotland look really good too but I’m not sure it they come with locks or not.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy! :smile:

i have the renault windows for me they work fine maybe mine are a different shape to the early ones if its sunny i just unzip the top and roll them up anyway enjoy your twizy i love mine so much fun

Hi Peter

Was pretty sure I was having the Windows before I spoke to all you guys but from what everyone’s saying I think I will just see how kind the Scottish weather is!

And yeah I hope it stays fun, I grew to hate motorbiking over the last five years, mainly owing to people regularly trying to kill you no matter how safely you drive :confused:

Hey kebv

Cheers re type two, I had seen the evbitz one and it’s a lot cheaper, just unsure if it would lock in to street charger also? ie you couldn’t steal it?!

Windows, again,locking etc, I’ve seen the German or Dutch ones that lock but will need to get a look at your link also, Glasgow can be a bit rough in areas and mindless damage common place.

Basically my nightmare is coming back to a turd on the drivers seat! I would look to minimise this risk!!!

I am in east kilbride and have these windows, the guy is based on outskirts of glasgow. I think they are very good.


Just put a padlock round the cable and lock it to the car. Or park on the cable!!!

The locks on the cables are usually only effective while the charge is taking place once it finishes the locks come off. That is why the Zoe locks the cable to the car. We don’t have that option.


I have seen those ones and the vids etc… To many choices!!!

Do you use yours for commute or ever take on m77?

I’m across on outskirts of west end so worst I have is dual carriage way at secc…


That’s really appreciated, well that’s cable security sorted then!Thats been worrying me as I don’t want to be paying out 100 quid every week for a new cable! Cheers

Welcome! Another Twizy nearby! Woohoo! I’m based in Erskine and have had mine since March! Absolutely love it :smile:
Have only ever charged at Braehead Shopmobility or at home but would love to get one of the EVBitz connectors to use it with the Chargers in Glasgow…
Enjoy :smile:

mmm bit expensive and in the summer a right pain to remove prefer the renault ones to be honest also the price of his adapter is eyewatering

It is steep, I’m liking the evbitz one as it’s cheap and you can lock with something solid as osbrook kindly pointed out!