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Hello from North Carolina

Hi. I’m Bruce from NC USA. I drive a smartfortwo passion '08 and love it.
I just saw the twizy today online and felt exactly the same way as I did about
the smart back in 2005, before they were available in the U.S.
Not coming here you say? I heard the same thing about the smartcar. Now I have one.
Where there is a will there is a way. There is already one for sale on Ebay for the U.S.
One day I will have one.

Good luck with that, I guess getting one is relatively easy, it’s being able to use it that may prove harder.

Hello Bruce
I was a US owner of a 2005 Smart (450) here in in California one of the very first brought into the states. Other than fighting with CA DMV to make the Smart street legal and spending almost 20k to have one the first here in the states I loved that car and share that same feeling with for the Twizy. after nearly one year and 1000 miles later I have a Twizy here in CA ~ again I love it. the best thing Ive purchased. I wish you the best on getting one. I can give you a US contact to acquire one, however the hardest part was assuming the battery lease.
heres mine :slight_smile:


Are Twizys street legal in the States by default?

If not, how did you go about getting one?

How does the battery lease work?

What happens when you need the Twizy serviced?

Yes…I’d like the contact. I want one very much. Do you drive on the street. I know you can, but do you find it difficult to do with other vehicles? Bet the comments are many and good!

No the Twizy is not technically legal however we have a small amount of golf carts, GEMs and Ford Think which all get registered as Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) consider a vehicle that has all the needed street equipment like head lights, turn signals, horn, windshield ext. and they must be all electric and cannot exceed a top speed greater than 25mp. after many atemps I was able to find a person at the DMV that saw the value of the Twizy and after seeing twizy was much safer than the gold cart she agreed to write the NEV tags for my 1 miles commute to work. I drive this Twizy everywhere. The lease was pretty easy as I have a french bank account and I told Renault bank that it was not for public roads and was being used on a farm not street. Service none and fingers are crossed that I don’t have any problems. This was the same risk I took with the Smart Car when I brought it into the US no service was available.

The truth is… the Twizy in an urban setting does just fine has the same pickup leaving a light as a compact vehicle (not drag racing just driving) of corse you have assholes that think its powerful to run on your ass but once they realize you are driving 45-47 mph in a 35mph zone they usually back off. most peoples reaction is to laugh and make small jokes but when they circle the neighborhood and see I have half a million in cars on my driveway they become a little more receptive to it being a real car and usually ask if you have all these car why do you choose to drive the Twizy? thats the question most people will never get the Twizy is fun and cheap and I dont have to beatup all the other cars for such a short commute no to mention im not burning useless fuel PM me and I will get you in contact with a local guy that has them or I should say gets them.

That’s very brave of you. I bet you are loving it, attracting more attention than Lamborghinis and Ferraris, no doubt. You didn’t say how you import it.

thats the thing import cost a leg well maybe just my arm :slight_smile: but i would rather not disclose the purchase price however if you convert euro to dollars its about what they are new plus shipping to the US which was $550. the real kicker is paying tax on the purchase price plus shipping from the east coast to the west coast of the US. that added and additional 3k
im sure you can figure out a close number :slight_smile: so long story short on a pallet and paid lots of money.

Where did yours come into the US? I of course live on the east coast and have access to a trailer and a vehicle capable of transporting it.

was delivered from FL

Hello guys, new to the forum

Currently living in the UK, but moving to South Dakota, Aberdeen, within the next 2 years.

Helped a buddy get a Twizy into the US, and here’s what I have to say:

If you want to import one, legally, there isn’t a way.

What you could however do, is strip a Twizy bought in the UK for parts (interior, seats, motor, batteries and chassis) and send them separately. Notify the DVLA (British DMV) that the vehicle has been exported. Re-assembled the Twizy without sticking the Renault logo on the front and say that it was a kit build. Show the V5 and say it’s the manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO). If your lucky, you’ll get away without an inspection. This is for states where “Neighbourhood Vehicles” don’t exist, and where you can drive for as long as you like

The battery lease is in my name, but uses his debit card. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Twizy, please email me at [email protected], I can help!

May I also add, that Norway now sells Twizies without leases, and has a buy-out option.

That’s interesting. Wonder if they will do it in the UK.