Hello from Norway!

Hey!!! I have been following the forum for some months already. And finally I got my Twizy last week! Im sooooo happy! and my 5 and 18 years old sons to! Thanks for share all your experiences with everybody! :smiley:

Had mine for a month+ by now and I am still as a happy as when I got it! Never happened with other cars I had before.
Get the OVMS and you will be even happier.

Best regards neighbour from Göteborg :wink:


Welcome!! Glad you are enjoying your Twizy. I think we all do.
EVs are big in Norway, aren’t they? Big government subsidies and incentives. Does the Twizy qualify? In the UK the Twizy doesn’t qualify for the grant of up to £5K for plug in EVs because it is classified as a quadricycle.

Hey neighbour! Congratulations with your Twizy!! :slight_smile: Im not sure who is more happy, if my 4 years old son or me! :wink: BTW what is OVMS? (sorry if is a stupid question…)

Thanks!!! Very, very happy.
EVs are all over Norway. The 98% of the electricity produce in Norway is green, either from waterfalls or windmills, is nice to know that you have almost not impact!
The incentives form the government as I understand (I’m kind of new on this) is that you don’t pay any tax for electric cars-scooter-quadricycle. Don’t have to pay toll to enter the city, can drive in bus-taxi lines and park-charge for free at government parking places. Not bad!

That’s the sort of incentive needed in the UK to encourage everyone to try EVs…

Sounds great!

OVMS = www.openvehicles.com
An amazing system where you can get lots of info directly from the car by SMS or app.
You can also change the settings of the car (controller) and change top speed, regeneration levels and motor power (if you dare…)
Also has an integrated GPS so you can follow the car via the app.
All this for only like USD120.
For me the best thing so far is that I raised the top speed to 100km/h, it makes you feel safer to have some reserve even though I normally dont go faster than around 85km/h.
And of course I get an SMS after every ride telling me how much energy I have used up, teaches you how to drive more efficient.

Wow!!! sounds like a nice tool. Here is not routes over 80… :confused: but is always nice to know that you have a bit more speed if needed. What I would like more is a bit more punch in the start.
It’s a special model of OVMS you bought? do you have a link maybe?

Start by downloading the “Twizy user guide” from the OVMS homepage. In that you also have the link to the shop.
The module itself is the same for all supported cars, you just have to update the flash to the latest Twizy version.

Welcome to the board. Looking forward to your participation.