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Hello from Porto, Portugal

Hi evryone!

I’m Aida from Efungpstours! We have 2 twizy’s strolling around throught streets of Porto with GPS Audio Tours!


Welcome Aida, I guess the weather there is a bit warmer than in the UK.
To own & drive a Twizy here, you need to be brave or mad :slight_smile:

Hi Lightly!

Actually here is cold as well!! We have Windows in our twizys, although is cold anyway! :slight_smile:

Brave at least!

Olá de Torres Novas
I would write in Portuguese but that could make the moderators work difficult. I too have a Twizy has my daily drive so welcome to the club. Just 2 hints - I was born near Porto and studied there so I know the road quality so I do recommend cushions along with the Twizy. And 2 I got those windows and when someone rents the car and its windy be sure to tell the to unzip a bit of the window before opening the door - it actually happened to me and I bent the supports. Hoppe it all goes well.

Olá Torres Novas!
Thanks for the hints! Although we’re quit aware! In the summer we take them off and no longer have this kind of problem! And in Porto you’re right! :slight_smile: There have being made some efforts by the city hall to fix some streets! Thanks for the support and take a look at our website! www.efungpstours.com

Hello Aida, I believe that we already met on Facebook isn’t it ?

Hi Christian! That’s right! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!