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Hello From The Wirral

Hello to everyone. I have recently bought a Twizy. All I can say is FUN.


Welcome Sean.
Bromborough way?
The Twizy is certainly fun.
Just wish i could convince/brainwash/hypnotise my wife to agree.

Was begining to think you had given up on the Twizy, but have seen it the past 2 days. Thought you had traded down to a Clio :slight_smile:

Bassflex, is that directed at Noodles or me?
Twizy really is a non starter for me (unfortunately).
Yes slumming it in a Clio but soon to be in a Captur i think.

Any thoughts on a ZOE?

A Captur is just a jacked up Clio with removable seat covers (which are a great idea!)

Mender, I would love a Zoe. Would have one in a flash but i am on a Renault Management lease plan thingy and the Zoe isnt on it yet.
Well, i believe it is for seniors but not one of the models offered to me. I know the Captur is a jacked up Clio but its more for the novelty of the change. Had the Clio for six months and love it, had a Megane previous six months, a good car but not my cup of tea.

A Zoe would be ideal for me as my second car. Other car is a Grand Modus, family wagon.

Could you enquire whether it could or will be put on the list?

To be honest no. I am nobody in Renault.
When the time comes for your change you get a list of what is on the Plan. Make your request and see what you get.
A bit of Hobsons choice but far too good to complain.
There was talk of Nissans going onto the Plan but nothing has come of it, yet.


But the Twizy was there again today.

Yet I still have drivers behind papping me.

3 today.

So Bassflex you still have your celebrity status intact?