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Hello from Zero Carbon World


Just wanted to say Hi… I’m the founder and a trustee of Zero Carbon World a charity working in the electric vehicle, renewable energy, and reforestation areas.

I own a Tesla Roadster and have driven 32,000 EV miles in the last two years. I have a Renault ZOE on order and we hope to add an Ampera. I’ve driven many different EV’s and hope to build a custom car to beat my Tesla over the next couple of years.

I’m passionate about the mass introduction of electric vehicles and renewable energy. ZCW works hard to reduce prices in the EV industry by developing low cost Charging Stations, cables, etc. We are also the stimulus behind the open charging network Zero:Net which I hope will deliver reliable charging for all.

I’m an electrical/electronics engineer by training and own several companies in the UK and US. I’m actively working with the SMMT and OLEV in the hope that we can bring some sanity to the EV industry in the UK.

I know many Twizy owners and look forward to meeting many more :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Twizy forum. I have pushed a few people in the direction of your option to install charge points for the public.
I see you have spotted that the Twizy plug doesn’t fit all sockets. It looks as if Renault may standardise the cable across the ZE range this means the Future Twizy one may become a Mode 2 connector.

Hi Kevin

Welcome to the Twizy forum. What you do over at ZCW is amazing and we’re glad to have you on board this forum.

That’s great, thanks!

Yeh, it’s a generic problem with most Charging Stations and I understand Renault will fix it.

Only problem with Type 2 (“mennekes”) connector is it will drive the cost of the Twizy up… my guess is they will produce an optional adaptor and leave it to the owner to decide whether they are prepared to spend the money :slight_smile:

Many thanks… we have a good team at ZCW and that really helps :razz:

Hi Kevin, great to have some new blood on board , where are you from, out of interest, there is a guy in my village of Ockbrook with a Tesla.
you never know :slight_smile:

I’m based in Bradford on Avon, just outside of Bath.

Not the same Tesla then