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Hello here comes Ralph from Sweden

I hope you understand English is not the native language, but I am confident it will work most of the time to write understandable.
I am up up buy a Twizy45, which has a terrible time of delivery. I was aiming for a standard model, with doors and windows.

Found it was only six twizies for sale in the whole country, 5 of them not 45:s. So it is only one to choose, and that has all extars which is possible.
The price is then higher, but I think I may negotiate it down a fraction.

The price is analogue to about £8200. We have a VAT of 25% which is included.

I am retired, but run a small part time business (kind of ebay seller) and using the Twizy for postal and other trips. I can get the Twizy extempt from vat and pay
with not taxed money, as it is not counted as a car or motorbike due to the model 45. It will be about £300 taxed a year for my “privat” use. The reason it is so

“cheap” taxways it is not a car and electric. I have seen and tried a Twizy80 but not yet a Twizy45, as the one I will get my hands on is 300 km away.

Yes a “real” car may have the same price, but I think in the longer run the Twizy is cheaper to run, and for sure more fun.

Hi Ralph

Welcome to Twizy Owners.

I must say £8200 sounds very costly for a Twizy 45, especially when you can pick up a Twizy 80 in the UK for half that price. Does this include the battery or do they also have battery hire in Sweden?

I may have made the pound a bit cheap while counting the rate, and you know we are taxed as well, the price excluding any taxes would be morethan £ 2000 less.
And the only Twizy 45 I can get hands on in about half a year is this, which has all possible add on ( a TECHNIC with all extras there are, like glass roof, back radar,loadspeakers, aluminium wheels, and so on), It would be more than £ 1000 less if it were an standard Urban with doors.
If I could wait I have ordered with just doors and windows extra (that only is over £ 700).
The price is on the street, no any other charges as register to the authorities and number plates or any other fees.
Things use to be a bit more costly here, the third largest country in EU by area, and less poplulation than London, makes marketing and scale factors.
It was just six in stock in the whole country, and one Twizy 45.

I will tell the dealer tomorrow to send over the papers for signing, then after I have fixed the (expensive) insurance, they will put it on a trailer in Gothenburg and deliver it so close it will be on range to my house when I pick it up.

I think I have to decide now, get before anybody else pick it up and then it will take time before any other can be provided, as just one out of ten they import is an 45.

The battery is on hire, SEK 600 a month for 10000 km a year.

Why do you get a 45 and not an 80?