Hello newbie here

Hi just joined to find out more about the little twizy I don’t own one yet but intend buying in the next couple of months to do my local driving, its fair to say i do like to modify my vehicles so intend to have a play with the twizy when i get my hands on one.

Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum!

You have joined at just the right time. As you can see quite a few of the recent threads are about modifying the Twizy. That will give you some ideas.
If you are buying in the next couple of months you have timed it just right for the summer.
Good luck.

i am missing twizy driving stuck in my boat miles from my mooring due to high river levels be back soon so can scaring the locals ha ha

Thanks for the welcomes, thats good to know I’ve already been having a good read up looking forward to getting one.

welcome onboard, lots of great info on here and you will have a lot of fun once you purchase