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Hello - Twizy fellow Twizy owners

I just got one with a little help from my friend with a house in France. As of now I am one of two in Norway - afaik with the Twizy. A cute little car that travelled in the back of a Mercedes Sprinter from the Showroom in Paris to Kiel in Germany, before the ferry ride to Oslo, Norway.

Unfortunately the maker of the windows in Italy did not manage to get the windows to my friend in Germany in time - I am now starting to wonder if they were just after my money - :wink:

That joke aside, I need to get an extra set of rims and tires for the winter up here, I would prefer studded tires, but it may also be cool with just normal winter Blizzaks or similar. All I know is that snow can arrive within a month, and I need to get my act together before that.

I will use the Twizy to zip to work and back as well as to take the kids to their training (not on the same time ofcourse, there is a schedule for these things and they must not intersect to much - still if the Twizy does not cut it there is alway the Audi Q5.
Just wanted to say hi though .

I know the wheels are 125/80/13 and 145/80/13 but what are the rims in measure - I was guessing 13 inch - that is a safe one, but there be more parameters than that, so do you happen to have those ?

Welcome to the forum. You really had to work hard to get your car. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy driving my car.

As for the spare rims, I am unable to help but another member Lightly might know more about wheels and be able to suggest something
All the best

Oh I should mention - it is a Twizy Color - Black with Red (Orange) trim

Think i’ve said this before but generally electric vehicles suffer in range with cold weather so id be really interested to see how your twizy does in the cold and snow. With all that torque and rear wheel drive its going to be a fun drive. Whats the petrol prices like in Norway?

Should stop us lot moaning about the cold weather here, good luck with the Twizy, hoping to drive mine in some snow this year and get some great pictures.

Another one, i wonder if is too late to change mine. 8-|

I already feel a competition coming on.

Looking forward to driving it in the snow, hope the narrow wheels cut through the snow. Though getting a bit of sideways motion will also be good in the work car park.