Ive been after a Twizy for a while to use as a PR EV for my business eco-cars.net here on orkney.
I’m about to buy one as well !!
we have high winds up here, is the twizy stable in cross winds ? any accounts of one blowing over ?
regards Jonathan

Welcome Jonathan.

The Twizy is very stable in cross winds as it has no sides. I don’t have windows in mine so on the motorway with cross winds or lorries and buses passing never had an issue. I helps that the weight of the battery is lowdown between the axles.

A Twizy will not blow over.

Hi , Im looking at a twizy colour with windows
62 plate , 1404 miles at £3300 inc fees , look value to me ,I saw twizy at renault auction last wek for 3200 and 3500 , 12 plates with 5k miles

Sounds a good price to me and it has windows to sell on :smile:

Oh no I have just fitted ours on instructions from she who must be obeyed :joy:


Peter there is a difference here. The driver does not get wet until the windows are fitted only the passenger. So you have now moved the rain blowing in the back to the front which is a negative, on the plus side as the windows make so much noise you will not be able to hear SWMBO . :smile:

Sounds a good deal. You won’t regret it. Perfect PR/advert tool. Nothing on the road attracts more attention.

cheers lads , I think I will call them in the morning , and go for it !

I picked mine up last Saturday, and it was blowing a hooly! 50 mph crosswinds! It was fine to drive, but I had removed the side screens! I twizy will be brilliant on Orkney! Lovely island! I’m in Carnoustie. I love the wee car. It’s a hoot!!

Doh …Missed this one , I’m on the hunt now for one !

There is a 3000 mile one for sale in Dundee for 3000. The guy that owns it is a tattoo artist. He used to be a Renault salesman. It’s on Gumtree.

Ha thats the one i bought !

and this is the quick video I shot this morning , Its a bit windy too !


Well done!! Enjoy.
Get rid of the windows. You’ll find you will enjoy the Twizy more. Honest :smile:

I’ll second that. I nearly said that but sound like a broken record. :smile:

I am sorry Chris but I am still in the keep the window camp do find it awkward sometimes but on the whole less drafty. Is their any thoughts about the hole in the floor can that be sealed up


The hole in the floor effect is worse due to the windows creating a vacuum and the air flows in through any gaps. Best solution is a rubber mat cut round the steering column or a bit of carpet.

Excellent. What was it like for transportation, or did you pick it up yourself?

Our transport guys we use http://www.car-transport-services.co.uk/ Peter is great and it worked out that he was near Dundee so picked it up and dropped at Aberdeen Northlink ferries for £65. The the northlink boat was £84 to Orkney. So a great result all round.

Jeez us! That was cheap!!