Hi, I have been a member for a short time, been looking to purchase a Twizy for a little while, found one and agreed a deal, from the same place as another newish member Mike has down in Portsmouth, only realised when he posted on here.
Had my first dip into the electric vehicle marked with a Sinclair C5 many years ago, it was exciting as a teenager…not sure I would drive one on the roads now, looking back, was slightly mad then, not that I gave it much thought at the time.
Have had an I3 and liked the Twizy always as a bit of fun. Collecting Monday, had had a fun few days with a dealer trying to order some bits, think I have ordered the Parrot kit, but not 100 percent sure they haven’t just ordered a Renault kit and not the specific Twizy one, despite me asking for clarification, will see Tuesday. Spoken to Kenneth to get a tuning box, so all looking good.
Even though I have yet to be a contributor onto the forum as such, the posts I have read from members over the last Month have been invaluable thank you.
Pictures on show us your Twizy soon.

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Welcome, Johathan.
Pity winter is here as you will enjoy the Twizy a lot more in the summer. Keep us posted. Let us know how you get on. Have you got far to go from Portsmouth?

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Hi Jonathan, an official hello on the forum and welcome, two newbies in the group. I think I’ve been on here a couple of weeks and already got the bug. Not long now… :slight_smile:

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I got mine in February this year so don’t let the cold put you off. I’ve also got an i3 (and an i8) and I still reckon I get more fun out of the Twizy than both!!!

Thanks for the welcome, cold I don’t mind, rain not so keen nowadays when on the bike, love the I8, i had one for 3 days when they released them, before I flipped it and made some money, keeping my eye now as they seem to be good value.

They are very good value I think and eventually I will have moved mine on. No doubt in many years to come they will be collectable but I’m not stopping at an i8 even though I love it at the moment.