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At last I am in a position to get my Twizy after many months of watching this forum. I am going to see a 2013 Twizy Colour tomorrow with the intention of buying it. The dealer assures me that it has all the original manuals and service record with it. PLEASE could someone tell me what I should expect to see in respect of the Renault documentation that would have come with it when new? ALSO I intend to get the EV Bitz adapter lead so that I can charge from public Type 2 charging points, which card or cards should I obtain in order to use these points and where pleae, do I apply for them? I find the number of different offers very confusing and many companies seem to accept other companies’ cards. Thank You

Two good questions I would also be interested in the answers to.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a Twizy for a few weeks now. Ideally i would like a white one.

I’m assuming the one you’re looking at is the black and blue one advertised on Autotrader and eBay for £4.5k?

Yes, that’s the one! After I had expressed concern about the state of the brake discs, the dealer put it through, and it passed, an MOT today which is good. I just missed the one for sale privately in Reigate a 2014 Technic done less than 500 miles. It is still on eBay but was sold yesterday, in that the seller said he had taken a deposit and ended the conversation! I will report on how I get on tomorrow, if i buy it, I have still not worked out how to get it home. I may hire a van if I can find a way of getting the Twizy in and out! Our local VW dealer hires the Crafter which it will fit in between the wheelarches. May try getting quotes from delivery companies.

It’s interesting you mention the one in Reigate (GV14UJR).

It was originally listed on eBay in Nuneaton. The start price was £2499 and had reached ~£3000. After asking the seller some details about it I was going to bid, I’d even looked into where I could charge it on the journey home.

On the final day of the auction it disappeared only to reappear a few days later for £5500 with a different seller in Reigate. I wonder how much the Nuneaton seller sold it for?

Anyway, good luck with your viewing tomorrow.

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Regarding your questions on…

  1. Documentation of Twizy from new: Twizy Z.E. - Drivers handbook. AND the Quick Guide.
  2. What network to charge in public locations: I use the Polar card - however, for your location, it is best to check with the phone/tablet app Zap-Map (free) and see the different locations and networks around the places you would stop at.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Simple checks,
Does it charge!
Can you easily push it with the hand brake off - subjective as the Twizy is heavy but you should be able to roll it backwards and forwards standing at the side of it without changing stance.
Does the handbrake come off - Visual check on the rear calipers, look straight down and make sure the arm on the end of the cable returns to the stop.
Apply the foot brake and try pushing again - to ensure the brake is not sticking.

Many thanks Crazy Twizy & Osbrook for the information and advice. I bought the Twizy Colour today they had put it through an MOT yesterday, all good, no advisories. It has got a proper Twizy cover and the Parrot device. Great that it has the alloy wheels, all unmarked andin blue to match, not seen another like it. at first MOT it had done only 30 miles, would be interested to know more of its history, if anyone recognises the Registration Number which is GK13 BHX. I now have to work out how to get it from Huntingdonshire to Norwich. I have put in a request on the CarDelivery Website but no offers yet. May end up hiring a van and a ramp.

Great news!

I hope it all goes ok.

I’m still looking at the moment…

Thank you Peter, I now have a quote of £255 + VAT to deliver the Twizy doesn’t seem too bad.

The Twizy fits in a Hi Top Transit, I trailer mine all over England and Wales. So depends on where you are moving to and from as to how it is transported.
Where will it end up in the UK?
Good luck.

Have found a website called AnyVan who seem to be the cheapest but I have to make sure they know what a Twizy is, in terms of narrow track for loading. Have just taken insurance with Admiral at less than half the quote from Saga my current insurers. In reply to your question osbrook, I live in Norwich Norfolk, but was born in Sheffield, near you, I believe?

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hey replying here as I cant see a way of sending a PM about your twizy for sale.
please can you email me: (number four)foxtrot at g mail thanks Mark