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Help! at dealership collecting Twizy

Just arrived to collect our low mileage technic. Left hand door doesn’t release easily, you have to operate the handle and physically pull the door up. Normally they almost lift up freely.

Does anyone have any experience of sticky doors?


Yes, I think quite a few of us have experienced that.
My Twizy had its 2nd service recently. I reported one of the doors was not lifting by itself and the other did but slowly. My dealer replaced the spring loaded hinges on both doors under warranty and now they spring up smartly on a click of the door handle.
So don’t accept anything less. It’s not a matter of oiling or greasing. It’s new spring loaded hinges under warranty.

Or just simple catch re-alignment as there are two guides on door base and the catch that stop it lifting easily…mine adjusted in seconds and was ok

Thanks for the replies. All sorted by the team at Renault Manchester. Barry, Michelle and the sales manager really easy to deal with.

Back in Scotland now thanks to a plant trailer!

Mine was delivered down to the buyers in a mower trailer! Worked well.